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To see different styles of furniture of dining room furniture manufacturers in china
Author:Tangshifu Furniture| release time:2020-09-15

Many furniture companies are still following the same old approach when developing new products, that is, directly fine-tuning the production of the best-selling products in the market, or listening to marketing personnel and designers to talk about the general trend of market products, regardless of whether the company has this foundation Start directly, such as the new Chinese style.

At present, slightly larger furniture companies basically have a new Chinese series of products. Because now everyone talks about national culture, national self-confidence, and traditional culture, etc. Then the new Chinese style is bound to be the mainstream of the future market, and of course companies should do it. There is no problem with this logic. The problem is whether the company can make new Chinese products, whether it has competitive advantages in the market, team, distributors, channels, and costs.

See different styles

For dining room furniture manufacturers in china in china, a variety of online and offline best-selling style products are all developed and promoted, whether it is finished mobile furniture or customized, the layout of all styles can meet the needs of arbitrary selection . But in fact, full style is just a general term, and it is the mainstream style product in the market.

The mainstream style of the market is not the same as the latest popular style. For example, European style or simple European furniture is still one of the mainstream style furniture in the market, but it is only the popular style many years ago. European and American classical furniture used to be the absolute mainstream of the domestic furniture market and lasted for a long time. It still has a large market share, but this style obviously does not match the mainstream furniture style of the market.

Domestic furniture market

In the domestic furniture market, the introduction of Western modern furniture design and production concepts from reform and opening up has been affected by the aesthetics of modern thoughts. After having the purchasing power, European and American classic, neoclassical furniture and Italian modern minimalist panel furniture quickly occupy the market, and now, a new generation Of mainstream consumer groups have new requirements for furniture products. The current consumption upgrade has an impact on the quality and style of furniture products.

The collective consciousness of the mainstream group is yearning for life abroad, yearning for foreign technology, culture and lifestyle. The original copy of Western furniture is very popular in China. With the current consumption upgrade, the new generation of consumer subjects are more extraordinary in their knowledge and insights, and strive to pursue their own value propositions. Therefore, there must be new consumer concepts that have a direct impact on the style of furniture products of dining room furniture manufacturers in china.

dining room furnitures manufacturers in china

light luxury style

The light luxury style that prevailed in the furniture market last year is the most direct demonstration of the influence of consumption upgrades on the style of furniture products. Light luxury, that is, mild luxury, in English, it means "affordable luxury". The light luxury furniture is a kind of high-quality furniture between luxury furniture and fast-fashion furniture.

It has both high-end positioning and quality, and relatively affordable prices. At the same time, light luxury furniture has personality and grade than fast fashion furniture, and it has connotation to save money than luxury furniture. This is "the key point" for the new middle class in the city. They want good design and high-quality furniture, but the price of traditional luxury furniture is unbearable. This kind of high-quality furniture with artistic design and unique taste Just meet the demand. The emergence of light luxury furniture is entirely to cater to this demand in the market.

In fact, in many cases, the industry regards light luxury as an aesthetic attitude instead of a furniture style. The mainstream product styles in the current furniture market include New Chinese, New American, Nordic, Italian Minimalist, Simple European, and modern solid wood furniture with multiple characteristics. The styles are diversified, but the latest popular furniture style last year is modern and simple, that is, the corporate label is the Italian minimalist style. Other styles are also popular styles, but they have been popular since a few years ago, especially the simple European style products, which were popular in the early years, and are now only one of the mainstream products in the market, but not popular styles. The evolution of popular styles of mainstream furniture products is naturally also affected by consumption upgrades.