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The main frames of sectional sofa with ottoman
Author:Tangshifu Furniture| release time:2020-09-14

The origin of the sofa can be traced back to ancient Egypt around 2000 BC, but the real upholstered sofa appeared from the end of the 16th century to the beginning of the 17th century.

At that time, sofas were mainly filled with natural elastic materials such as horsehair, poultry feathers, and plant fluff, and were covered with fabrics such as velvet and embroidery to form a soft human contact surface. After hundreds of years of development, the sofa has now become a must-have for the home. If you want to buy a comfortable sofa, it is very important to first understand the structure and materials of the sofa.

Main frames

At present, there are mainly three main frames of sectional sofa with ottoman on the market:

  1. 1.Solid wood structure-due to the shortage of wood resources, the drying technology and tenon-and-mortise connection of hard miscellaneous wood are all technically difficult. In addition, sofas with real solid wood structure are quite expensive. Such structural sofas are quite rare, have high value and are environmentally friendly. Good performance and long service life.
  2. 2.Board-wood structure-wooden beams and upright supports, combined with multi-layer composite boards and a structural skeleton made by nailing. This kind of structural material has low cost, simple manufacturing process, convenient molding and high manufacturing efficiency, and is a process structure widely used at present. However, the high formaldehyde content of the multi-layer composite sheet is easy to cause pollution and emit peculiar smell.
  3. 3.Board-wood combined frame-the most commonly used frame type for sofas on the market.

Sitting surface

The sitting surface is the main part of the sectional sofa with ottoman that is stressed, and also the key part of the sofa's comfort and service life. The seat structure of the sofa mainly includes rubber bandages (good elasticity but short service life, easy to collapse), wooden plates (inelastic, poor sitting feeling but long service life), snake-shaped steel springs (good elasticity, good sitting feeling, and use long life).

Leather is divided into genuine leather and PU leather. The leather is divided into yellow leather and buffalo leather. According to the number of layers, it can be divided into first layer leather, two layer leather and three layer leather. According to the origin, it is divided into domestic leather and imported leather. Imported leather is made of yellow leather. High fastness, good elasticity and air permeability, high mechanical strength, especially high tear strength and tensile strength.

The sitting feeling and life of the sofa have a considerable relationship with the filling. Generally, sponges are used. There are many kinds of sponges according to density. The higher the density, the better the rebound. However, it should be noted that some small factories use recycling to save costs. Sponge! High-grade sponges are used for high-elasticity sponges. Common cushions and backrests use more doll cotton, which is more comfortable, but it is not easy to recover for a long time. Even higher-grade ones should be filled with down.

Many stores will provide such products. For living room furniture, many people have different ideas, and guide for buying furniture can help people make choices.

sectional sofa with ottoman

The density of the fabric

The density of the fabric is related to the long-term mechanical wear life of the sofa. The sofa fabric should be relatively thick. The density of the national standard sofa fabric is greater than 300G/M2, and it must be ensured that the surface can not be balled after rubbing more than 12,000 times. At present, most of the sofa manufacturers in my country use blended fabrics or chemical fiber fabrics. Pure cotton fabrics (shrinkage, durability, resilience) are still difficult to use on the surface of the sofa.

There are three main types of sponges used for sofa filling. Conventional sponges are a kind of sponges mainly produced by conventional polyether and TDI. It is characterized by good resilience, softness and air permeability; high resilience sponge is a kind of sponge produced by active polyphosphorus and TDI as the main body. It has excellent mechanical properties, good elasticity, and large compressive load. Flame resistance, good air permeability; chaotic pore sponge is a kind of sponge similar to natural seaweed with different inner pores. It is characterized by good elasticity and excellent cushioning when compressed and rebounded.