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To buy the traditional furniture from dining room furniture manufacturers in china
Author:Tangshifu Furniture| release time:2020-09-15

In recent years, customized home furnishings have become the "darling" of the market and are favored by consumers. With the industry's explosive dividends, 10 customized home furnishing companies have entered the capital market.

For custom home furnishing companies, the current competition is not limited to the front-end market sales and channel layout. How to solve the back-end production problems has become the key, and intelligent production equipment has become a new "battlefield" for custom home furnishing companies vying to invest.

Buy the traditional furniture

The reporter learned from the research and development personnel of Oupai Home Furnishings on March 7 that the dining room furniture manufacturers in china have introduced flexible production lines, and customized products can be automated and informatized in every link. Is (playing) an auxiliary role.

Different from the traditional finished product sales model, how to manage the data of each customized product, refine the production process and shorten the production cycle has become a difficult problem in the scale of customized production. Because of this, the war on custom home furnishings has also burned from the previous front-end sales to the back-end production.

On March 7th, Oupai Home Furnishing opened its Qingyuan custom cabinet production base to the media. The reporter learned on the spot that the one-piece flexible intelligent manufacturing system currently adopted by Oupai Home Furnishing has realized the intelligent + automated production process and has become an efficient realization. Basic conditions for individualization and customization.

Recent years

Speaking of the technological changes in the home furnishing industry in recent years, related persons from Oupai Home Furnishing introduced that before 2003, it was still a single production, and it was necessary to manually look at the drawings to cut the material. The human equivalent of the computer; in 2003, the introduction of international top equipment, But at that time, it could not be said to be automation; the real automation (wired automation) probably started from 5 years ago, and the investment in 2017 was the largest.

"Take the processing process of the cabinet body as an example. From opening to warehousing, a plate has to go through different processes such as fully automatic electronic cutting saws, connected edge banding, and intelligent panel robot sorting. Behind it is a large number of fully automatic intelligence. Equipment support." According to the workshop director of the base, each panel uses ID to intelligently match customer contract information, plate location attributes, material design, size, edge banding, hole location, delivery date and other data information.The dining room furniture manufacturers in china hope to increase the proportion of customers in recent years.

dining room furniture manufacturers in china

Stand out from the competition

How to stand out from the competition in the diversified home furnishing era How to achieve a comprehensive transformation of multiple formats? In 2010, in order to open up a new situation in the home furnishing industry, Tiangu Decoration took the lead in proposing a new model of advanced customization, with original design as the core, realizing in-depth exploration of home design and bringing a qualitative leap to the home furnishing industry.

In the past years of rapid development of e-commerce, many industries have benefited from this, but for the furniture industry, it is not possible to deeply feel the dividends brought by e-commerce. A big reason is the particularity of furniture products-heavy experience . In addition, the real economy is the foundation. No matter how the Internet economy develops, it cannot be separated from the real economy too much.

Today, the introduction of the new retail concept, the in-depth integration of online and offline, and the integration of logistics may enable the real economy to usher in another spring and at the same time harvest a hundred flowers.