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Some recent changes of the furniture manufacturer
Author:Tangshifu Furniture| release time:2020-09-03

After the rapid development of customized furniture, it is entering a period of great changes. Whether it is upstream real estate, supply chain software, or capital entry, the custom furniture industry has become a lot of variables. It can be understood from some recent exchanges that the furniture manufacturer is also quite hesitant about the future. This article starts from this big change and discusses the future development direction of the industry.

Rapid development

The rapid development of customized furniture benefited from the wind of the real estate industry in 15-17. After the unit price of houses has increased, there are higher requirements for space utilization, and the absolute value of home improvement has also increased, and the demand for customized furniture has increased sharply in first- and second-tier cities. For a time, customized furniture became the fastest growing outlet in the pan-furniture industry, and it developed into small and medium-sized cities.

But with the transformation of real estate, furniture manufacturer has also entered a transition period. The transformation of real estate means a decline in housing transaction volume and a decline in capital activity. The good days of custom-made furniture casually making money are naturally gone. On the other hand, real estate developers are facing the pressure of transformation and naturally think of the profits of the downstream home improvement industry and start the business of hardcover and real estate. Competition in the custom furniture industry has become more intense, and in some places there is even pressure of overcapacity. This series of influences have ignited the fuse for the industry's reshuffle development.

Current trend

The current development trend of the industry should be from extensive to fine development. In this change, the top giants have already established their structure. Although the growth rate has slowed down, they are still developing and stable. They just need to think about new capital stories. So the head giant talked about the whole outfit concept. Pure OEM factories have low profit margins and are under pressure to pay back. Face life and death in areas where the market is changing drastically. Small brands in third- and fourth-tier cities have their own appearance, depending on the hotness of the local real estate market. Some live well, while others are also facing difficulties.

Some companies are making harder than before. However, some companies are still developing well on a regional basis. As long as large companies have a solid foundation, their basic performance will only slow down as long as they are not making large-scale transformations. Small businesses have little impact if they have established their own stores and have a stable business. Some businesses are still enjoying a prosperous life. However, it is purely a foundry that has multiple troubles. First, the price of raw materials has risen, and the price of sheet materials has mostly risen this year. Second, the order is unstable, and the living environment of the decoration company this year is not good, and there is a lot of pressure to pay back. The third is still facing pressure from environmental protection policies.

furniture manufacturer

Small brands

At present, it is the bedroom furniture manufacturer who wants to make a new story with the whole outfit, but the main business is still wardrobe cabinets. Small brands can achieve stable development in the region, but they must also enhance their hard power. And the foundry needs to develop in the industrial chain model to improve informatization production capacity. There is no doubt that the shuffling of some companies will also happen here, and companies should use a competitive spirit to do a good job in products and marketing.

The changes in the entire industry are all-round, and this is also true for software vendors. Hongguang Software first proposed "front-end and back-end integration", and finally got the response of the entire industry. At present, it seems that the integration of front and back ends has huge advantages for customized home furnishing enterprises, especially small and medium-sized enterprises with low information level. The front-end and back-end integration can help expand brand marketing capabilities and production efficiency. On the one hand, it can help companies get orders, and on the other hand, it can help factories improve efficiency and reduce costs. Therefore, factories in small and medium-sized cities are paying attention to the development of front-end integration mode. After all, a good furniture manufacturer, can bring more profits. It is vital to the current situation.

The enterprises

The entire custom furniture industry is not worth mentioning in front of Ali's size, so Ali's drunkenness does not lie in this. On the one hand, entering the three-dimensional home will directly compete with Kujiale in designing shopping guide entrances. On the other hand, Ali will continue to deepen the influence of new retail in the home furnishing industry. But it is worth mentioning that if the referee also wants to play off the court, there is currently no opponent who can play. In the information age, production data is crucial to enterprises and determines the competitiveness of production and enterprises. But SMEs have little privacy in front of these cloud data giants.

In the end, where SMEs should go is a question worth pondering within three to five years.