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More attempts have been made by a furniture manufacturer
Author:Tangshifu Furniture| release time:2020-09-03

Internet home improvement is a historical enlightenment in the development history of the pan-home improvement industry. What we need to pay attention to is not whether there is Internet in Internet home improvement, or what kind of Internet, nor how much Internet home improvement can do this year, and what is the development trend?

So, a furniture manufacturer has never thought about predicting the market development trend of Internet home improvement. First, they don’t think they have a thorough understanding of Internet home improvement. Second, in fact, no one can get enough effective Data to make scientific predictions on the development of Internet home improvement.


More attempts have been made to explore the basic logic of industry development from the trajectory of Internet home improvement development. So there is a theory of effective organization of home improvement elements, and an understanding of design leadership. When we went back and thought about the organization of traditional home improvement elements, we were surprised to find that the rise of Internet home improvement is no longer just an Internet application or a home improvement model. Internet home improvement actually represents a new idea of home improvement operations, a new understanding of home improvement consumers, and a new understanding of our industry development mission.

From this we come to the conclusion: Internet home improvement is an ideological enlightenment in the history of the pan-home improvement industry.

New understanding

Internet home improvement is a new understanding of our consumers.

In the past, our industry was divided into two closely related but relatively independent industries, home furnishing and home improvement, among which the home furnishing industry occupies a dominant position. So we think we are in the home furnishing industry, and our consumers have a demand for home furnishing products.

However, a furniture manufacturer through the unified organization of the three basic elements of home decoration: design, materials (household products) and construction, it urges us to re-recognize our consumers and realize that our consumers are Home improvement consumers realize that the basic needs of home improvement consumers is to "decorate a home."

Starting from the basic needs of consumers, we re-understand our industry and the mission of our industry.

furniture manufacturer

Our consumers are home improvement consumers, so our industry is not the home improvement industry but the home improvement industry. In order to be different from the traditional home improvement industry, we also call it the pan-home improvement industry.

Basic needs

The pan-home improvement industry is an industry that closely focuses on the basic needs of home improvement consumers to "decorate a home". Because it serves home improvement consumers, the mission of the pan-home improvement industry is to closely focus on the basic needs of home improvement consumers to "decorate a home" and effectively organize the various elements of home improvement.

Internet home improvement points out the direction for the development of the pan-home improvement industry.

Since the existence of our industry, there has never been such a big change in the industry like the Internet home improvement. After many teenagers, people still regard the rise of Internet home improvement as one of the most significant milestones in the long history of the industry.

Before the Internet home improvement, the organizational form of home improvement elements was centered on the home shopping mall, and the single-category distribution of material elements (household products) was the leading one. The bedroom furniture manufacturer produce a certain category of household products, and develop their own distributors for single category products, and then set up shops in the home shopping mall to sell single category household products.

Such a single-category business model brings a very poor user experience to home improvement consumers. Imagine a home improvement consumer coming to a home shopping mall. He has three key questions: Which brand should he choose? Which product of this brand should I choose? What kind of price is a reasonable price?

Marketable product

No one in the industry can answer these three questions for home improvement consumers. To make matters worse, because a home improvement consumer needs to buy at least ten categories of home furnishing products to "decorate a home," he has to repeat these three questions more than ten times, and he won't get answers at all.

Why is the consumption of traditional home improvement painful? The root of the problem lies in this single-category distribution model. Because home improvement consumers have three problems, home improvement professionals have set up many traps for consumers to jump in.

On the other hand, from the perspective of operational efficiency, this single-category distribution model is also very bad. Remember that home improvement consumers have to buy more than ten categories of home products at a time, which means that the consumer’s decoration consumption needs to have more than 10 marketing acquisition costs, as well as venue rental staff wages and other operating expenses, and these high The operating costs will ultimately be borne by the home improvement consumer.

Well, a furniture manufacturer will select the most marketable product for design and marketing.

Here we have not considered the waste and construction period delay caused by the single-category operation in the decoration project.

The emergence of Internet home improvement is a denial of the organization of traditional home improvement elements.