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The impact to the internet dining room furnitures
Author:Tangshifu Furniture| release time:2020-09-03

When the Internet dining room furnitures model was just launched, it was regarded as the next "outlet" of industry innovation. Under the banner of "breaking the disadvantages of traditional home improvement industry such as huge profits, opacity, and uncontrollable construction period", Internet home improvement claims to integrate upstream and downstream resources in the industry, and bring it to consumers by means of "low-price packages + short-term commitment + real-time monitoring of the decoration process" The decoration experience saves money, time and effort, and standardizes and visualizes the decoration mode.

Young consumer

Especially for young consumer groups, through a mobile phone, they can monitor the decoration process every day, and they can choose their favorite designers and workers. The rise of the Internet home improvement model has indeed attracted a lot of investment for many Internet decoration companies, and it has also dealt a heavy blow to traditional home improvement companies. Many traditional home improvement companies have transformed to Internet home improvement.

According to the general manager of the decoration, the traditional home improvement period was long and the process was complicated, and consumers could not achieve real-time monitoring. More importantly, when choosing a decoration company, you need to look for companies that suit you one by one in the market, which is contrary to the time-saving, worry-free, efficient and convenient pursuit of current consumers. With the rise of Internet home improvement, consumers can find a suitable decoration company at home through their mobile phones, which has indeed injected fresh blood into this industry to a certain extent.

Two main types

"At present, there are two main types of Internet furniture companies on the market of dining room furnitures.Home improvement companies such as Space and Sena Spring.” A Mr. Zhang who has worked in the Internet home improvement industry for many years introduced, “The Internet home improvement brand that serves as a platform mainly provides a network platform for decoration companies. The owners contact local decoration companies through platform recommendations. The decoration company is responsible for the design and construction, and the platform assumes the supervision responsibility; the self-operated company claims to compress the price by compressing the supply chain, and compressing the decoration by providing standardized and modular living room furnitures The construction period is to provide consumers with convenient, worry-free and money-saving services."

The original idea of ​​Internet home improvement was correct, but in the past few years, it has gradually gone wrong. The decoration is divided into front-end, mid-end, completion and after-sales aspects. The front-end is only a small part of the decoration process. Consumers are more concerned about the construction, completion effects and after-sales. However, Internet home improvement practitioners are not real "decorators". They don't even understand decoration construction. They are better at marketing at the front end and earning traffic. It does not seem to be important whether they can be connected later.


The purpose of the platform-based Internet home improvement brand is to earn traffic, and rely on traffic to attract decoration companies to settle in and attract consumers. This platform is to rely on traffic to improve its ability to absorb funds from decoration companies. Self-operated Internet home improvement companies are more of a "playing concept". Many self-operated Internet home improvement companies are also under the guise of Internet home improvement. In fact, they only build a traffic portal and are still engaged in the traditional decoration business model.

dining room furnitures

Internet home improvement enters the market with transparency, peace of mind, and convenience. Now why are consumers frequently criticized in these aspects. Mr. Zhang said that the most attractive keyword for Internet home improvement is "low price and convenience." However, convenience is inherently difficult for a renovation with a construction period of at least 2-3 months, and as consumer demand continues to escalate, low prices cannot be equated with quality.

Impact to the future

In terms of the current problems facing Internet home improvement, Internet home improvement companies mainly rely on the order recommendation fees and commissions of the installation companies to survive. It is also driven by interests that many platforms have neglected the supervision responsibility of enterprises, and some installation companies that lack qualifications and cut corners have also come to "fill up the numbers". For example, complaints from users on the Internet are mostly missing items and additions, secretly changing the types of building materials, shoddy construction, layered subcontracting, and project delays.

As a network decoration platform, Internet home improvement has developed rapidly in 3 years, relying on the extensive publicity effect of the Internet. But it is also the Internet that makes Internet home improvement rapidly "decay". Internet furnishing companies run off and quality problems continue to be fermented on the Internet, which has brought a lot of impact to the future development of Internet dining room furnitures.