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Room space created by bedroom furniture manufacturers in china
Author:Tangshifu Furniture| release time:2020-08-24

In family decoration, the bedroom is an extremely important space. One-third of life is spent in the bedroom. The importance of the bedroom is not much. How can I make myself sleep more sound and comfortable? Read the editor for you After finishing the bedroom decoration skills and principles, you will understand.

When the bedroom furniture manufacturers in china conducts the interior design of the residence, almost every space has a "design focus". The "design focus" in the bedroom is the bed. The decoration style, layout, color and decoration of the space should be centered on the bed.

In the bedroom

In the bedroom, the bed occupies the largest area, so you should arrange the position of the bed in the bedroom, and then consider other designs. After you decide on the position, style and color of the bed, the rest of the bedroom design will unfold. Because the bedroom area of many families is very limited, you should not put too much furniture in the bedroom, so as not to leave a sense of depression.

Before you carry out the bedroom decoration design, it is best to go to the new house at night. One is to see if the bedroom window is "confronting" the window of another house. If the distance between the buildings is too close, you should consider using thick curtains. If you live on the first floor, also look at the environment outside the window, whether it is close to a road or public place.

In addition, the privacy of the bedroom also includes sound insulation, not only for the outdoor, but also for the indoors. Another effect of studying the bedroom at night is that you can perform a "simulation use": in a dark environment, whether the position of the bed is correct; whether it is easy to get out of bed at night; where is the position of the switch more reasonable; these bits and pieces of life Drop, it is the place that reflects the comfort level of the bedroom. The bedroom furniture manufacturers in china always design furniture from the user's perspective.

bedroom furniture manufacturers in china


The bedroom decoration wardrobe is indispensable. Some people choose to buy the wardrobe, and some people choose the wardrobe built on site by carpentry. No matter which way, you must first understand the size of the wardrobe. The size cannot be different to make a practical and beautiful wardrobe.

A normal wardrobe is long, wide and high. A room of 100 square meters is a house of more than 80 square meters. A typical wardrobe is just two meters wide. The height is generally not more than 2.5 meters if you don’t have a ceiling, usually 2.5 meters or 45 meters, some dining room furniture manufacturers in china said that the cabinet I gave you is only 2.2 meters What is the proof within eight or two meters four?

Because a wood board, it is two meters four proof, he only wants to build a cabinet, he is to save materials. Under normal circumstances, it should be said that the bottom two meters is a board that has been cut off, and the upper wall cabinet is also cutting another board to add it to two meters, four or five to two meters, and there is ten between the rest and the top. The distance of centimeters is such a height.

Leave a wider space

That is to say, two meters forty-five, two meters wide, leaving the door cover panel. If you want to have a central air-conditioning including floor heating panels, you need to leave a wider space, and you need special settings, and even push the wardrobe inward. This is the distance, width, and height.

The custom-made wardrobe is sometimes empty. If you don’t hire a carpenter, you don’t know how to deal with the empty one above? Usually you ask a carpenter. The carpenter will seal it with gypsum board. This is called sealing. Counter.

Then the bottom of the wardrobe does not have a board to the ground, and the bottom must be hollowed out, so there must be a sealing board, which is to seal it. It is about ten centimeters in such a structure, which is equivalent to a useless sealing plate at about seventeen or eight centimeters, but this is necessary. It is impossible to say that a plate is first laid on the ground, and it is not so dry in the closet.

The above is a brief introduction to the size of the wardrobe. The real furniture can be seen. Customized furniture of bedroom furniture manufacturers in china is more beautiful. You can choose according to your needs. To do customization.