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The living space for pets to play made by living room furniture manufacturers
Author:Tangshifu Furniture| release time:2020-08-26

Everyone in the city may be an isolated island, and only the companionship of pets is the warmest. The number of pet owners in big cities is getting bigger and bigger, and people who profess to be "poop shovelers" are also exhausting all kinds of plans for their pets. There have even been various buzzwords: "Don't look at other people's glamorous fronts, there are no cats behind them", "Life winners, cats and dogs are both good". Part of the data in the White Paper on China's Pet Industry in 2018 shows that in 2018, there were about 56.48 million dogs and cats in China's urban areas, of which about 33.9 million were dog owners and about 22.58 million cat owners.

However, the “poop shoveling officers” who have cute pets at home are most worried that cats and dogs will offer large and small “decoration plans” at every turn, from computer chairs caught by cats and dogs to being bitten by dogs. With a big hole in the sofa cushion, and even a section of the table leg gnawed off, the home decoration of every "shit shovel officer" is a history of blood and tears.

Biggest experience

The living room furniture manufacturers try to get their inspiration from it.

In fact, the loss that a cat has to bear is not too great, so be careful not to buy a leather sofa that is too expensive. However, families with dogs, especially those with medium-sized or above dogs, can hardly bear the pain of being demolished every minute. "House only surrounded by walls" or all-metal furniture, marble countertops may really be the best configuration.

Her biggest experience is that there must be many fabric products, and light metal furniture with simple shapes and good endurance can also be selected, and leather and woven household items and accessories should be avoided as much as possible. Many years ago, because of the limited choice of materials, the custom-made wood veneer wardrobes have already been scratched. If there is a second chance, Ms. Zhao said that the panels of the wardrobe and bookcase must also be suppressed in one, and it is not easy to be suppressed by cats and dogs. Tear out the veneer when grinding the claws.

living room furniture manufacturers

She said that from the very beginning, she chose to buy a thick floral cloth package for her sofa and change it once a month, so the sofa of living room furniture manufacturers.Although the original material is nylon The waterproof cloth surface is also very afraid of scratching, but for more than 10 years, there is still no damage. And if you choose a sofa with multiple sponge cushion types, it is best to check with the home brand in advance, whether the sofa cover is removable, washable and replaceable, warranty time and other details.

types of home

At the same time, the TV cabinet, table, coffee table, and large bed in her home are all made of lightweight metal. Among the Nordic home furnishing brands, there are many types of homes with simple and beautiful composite wood grain surfaces + powder-coated steel brackets. , People with pets at home can try their best to choose this type of product with low total price and high value.

She actually likes all kinds of bamboo and rattan chairs, cushions, etc., but this is the best practice material for cats who like to sharpen claws, so this type of home can only bear the pain of not buying.

Originally, good-looking carpets are a powerful tool for home decoration with concave shapes. No matter how dull and old-fashioned floor furniture is, as long as you spread a lively and bright carpet, it will immediately be revitalized. However, if there are cats and dogs in the house, you should carefully consider carpet laying, especially in the bedroom, try not to carpet.

The "poop shovel officers" who have experienced the pet moulting season have a personal experience every day like being in a sea of ​​dandelions. The designer said that if there are fluffy carpets in your pet's home, not only will it be more difficult to clean up the hair into the carpet, it may also be easier to breed mites and bacteria.

In addition

In addition, it is not ruled out that some cats and dogs will pee on the carpet. If they are not cleaned in time, it is likely that the cats and dogs will habitually continue to pee somewhere. Therefore, for families with cats and dogs, the carpet area should not be too large. If there is carpet in the bedroom, it is best not to let pets in frequently.

At the same time, in order to avoid sitting in the "Maohai", families with cats and dogs should try their best to consider buying sofas with removable and washable sofa covers. According to the bedroom furniture manufacturers, some series of fabric sofas have three-color fabric covers that can be replaced and used. The design of Velcro makes the replacement of sofa covers more worry-free and trouble-free, which is convenient for pet owners to clean and dry frequently.

The living room furniture manufacturers think that if the animals at home are more well-behaved and don't get on the sofa much, you can buy a leather sofa, which is easy to take care of the hair loss. If the hair fall is severe, it is recommended to choose a cloth sofa with a coarse cloth and use a curler for hair cleaning. If cats and dogs occasionally pee on the sofa, in addition to changing the sofa cover, the owner will definitely want to change the cushion and cushion core. IKEA has also recently launched two sofas that can replace the seat core. Pet family can consider.

Household appliances

Reporters often see the painful photos and videos of those sofas bitten by dogs on the Internet, exposing the foam core inside. It seems that if you have a larger and lively dog at home, it is best for the owner to understand the brand’s warranty replacement and repair terms before buying furniture.

The relevant person in charge of IKEA introduced that IKEA's return operation can be within 60 days (members can be within 365 days), with the intact goods, original packaging and original shopping vouchers (bank card payment vouchers are required) to return to the store. However, food, plants, processed goods, customized goods, household appliances, and products that have been cut, cut and painted are not applicable to the above regulations.

If the customer needs to replace the parts of the furniture, IKEA will register the customer's part requirements, if some, will notify the customer to buy; if not, it will reply to the customer within one month.

There are more and more pet families. Pet owners hope to create a safe living space for them to play, but their living habits and characteristics are different. For example, "Wang Xing people" are more clingy, while "Meow Xing people" "More independent. Therefore, Sophia’s full house custom designer recommends that when planning home space, “poop shovelers” can not only meet their own life needs, but also design the way they interact with pets according to their life characteristics. In this way, It can not only ensure the happiness of the "poop shovel officer", but also make it convenient for pets to play.

For example, cats often like to jump to the window sill to look outside. The owner can choose a series of cabinets designed into a stepped shape. The highest shelf can be next to the window to facilitate the cat's movement and viewing. In addition, the "cats" are independent and curious. In order to prevent them from jumping outside, they must have enclosed balconies and screen windows throughout the house.