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A phenomenon is created by furniture manufacturer
Author:Tangshifu Furniture| release time:2020-09-03

In the past few years or even more than ten or twenty years, The furniture manufacturer is creating a phenomenon.They do not care about market sales, as long as they develop enough distributors, and then deal with distributors. Training and squeezing can get enough market share. But suddenly one day the dealers lost the ability to acquire customers and expected the manufacturers to rescue them.

In the factory

However, the employees in the factory are all young people, and their behavior should always be seen by the bosses, but the fact is that these blue-collar meals are in small restaurants near the factory except for the canteen. The restaurant does not need to be served because of the service target and the service radius. Online promotion, word of mouth is spread by word of mouth. QQ and WeChat are the top apps in blue-collar mobile phones. Their understanding of the world is limited to the QQ space of the circle of friends.

There are also those "outstanding" performances in Douyin. They will spend their spare time in " People nearby" make friends or pass time on iQiyi. They do not travel, buy cars, watch movies, and rarely even go to Taobao, because the surrounding shops are cheaper than Taobao. The young people that the decision makers know are different from the true young consumer groups. Their judgment of consumers will also be biased.

To serve young people

Summary: The products produced by manufacturers are mainly to serve young people, but whether it is due to the distance of space and thinking, they do not understand their consumer groups. Some decision makers even radically believe that young people who watch mobile phones all day cannot afford their products. . As everyone knows, online information understanding and online consumption decision-making are the behaviors of most young users, which are related to age and habits, and have little to do with wealth.

Speaking of this, I guess that many manufacturers' bosses and even R&D personnel are dissatisfied. Every year we go to various high-end avant-garde exhibitions, such as the Milan Furniture Fair. We also cooperate with various designers and conduct in-depth research on products with good sales in the market. How come it suddenly becomes a traditional thinking and not grounded? ?

Then let's start with the topic of the style that the furniture manufacturer cares most about , let's first look back at the history of the style development of the Chinese home.

furniture manufacturer

Concept of style

The home of modern Chinese people was short of material at first. In order to meet basic needs, the home was a pile of practical and simple furniture, so there was no style. Later, some people got rich first. They were influenced by the developed European and American culture, so European style and American style became popular. But at this stage I call it the style enlightenment period. The user just has the concept of style, and the method is to copy and copy directly.

In the second stage, as the post-80s generation began to decorate, the youthful atmosphere was injected into the style. The fashion trend is that American style becomes simple and beautiful, European style becomes Italian style, Chinese style becomes new Chinese style and Japanese style, and practical Nordic style is also becoming popular. Young people's individual needs for household products are beginning to appear. I call this stage the maturity stage of style and the stage of personalized enlightenment.

In the third stage, the post-85s and post-90s young people no longer pay attention to style, because their personality is their style, so they choose products that can represent their lifestyle according to their own preferences. If you must use the concept of style to express it, you can only use the word "de-style". De-stylization has become more and more obvious. I call this period the death period of style and the period of personalization maturity.

The reality

On the other hand, bedroom furniture manufacturer is still pursuing style blindly, and product development is still being done in series. A factory, N brands, each brand is nothing more than a style, or the same style is provided to different distributors. But the reality is that more and more users buy a bed in your home, but choose a bedside table in others' homes. Your so-called style combination can no longer meet the individual needs of users.

I also have to admit the fact that China has a population of 1.3 billion, a vast territory, and uneven development. As a result, some areas still pay attention to the concept of style when decorating. This is the stock of the style concept market. Therefore, most manufacturers are keeping an eye on this market and are constantly developing style products for this market. It turned out that the competition was fierce, with big brand advertising bombarded in the front and price shock caused by low-cost production by Taobao manufacturers in the back.

But after all, it is a piece of fat, and furniture manufacturer is also full of confidence in their products, and they are all imagining that they can break through. But precisely because everyone considers the "fat" market will have more manufacturers' attention, the competition will become more intense. And there is another key point. The more powerful manufacturers can only enter the big market, because there is no need to spend more thoughts, as long as the imitation and low prices have the opportunity. Make this big market more chaotic. The actual case was at an exhibition, a certain manufacturer launched a new product that is very suitable for the masses. The photo of this product appeared on Taobao two hours later, and the price was surprisingly low.