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The fast fashion brought by counter stools manufacturer
Author:Tangshifu Furniture| release time:2020-11-02

The fast fashion was brought by counter stools manufacturer.Manufacturers may sometimes have this understanding , as a counter stool manufacturing industry that emphasizes service and experience, the home furnishing industry has always been labeled as traditional, slow, and inefficient, even in rapid information technology Today, its degree of transformation by the Internet is still not high. (counter stools manufacturers in china)

In the concept of most people, decoration and household consumption are rare experiences in a lifetime; in the eyes of practitioners, long industrial chains, low consumption frequency, and high unit prices are still three mountains that everyone is burdened with and insurmountable.

Different understandings

However, in the past two years, a trend of "fast fashion" has been set off in this industry, which seems to be breaking the stereotype that the home furnishing industry has always been cumbersome and backward.

Everyone has different understandings of "home fast fashion", but the general is similar.

Fast fashion originally refers to the designer's rapid response and imitation of the counter stools design, and later evolved into a company that quickly responded to the fashion design of the show, and designed products that closely followed the trend , And then flow into the store at a low price, a business model that allows consumers to buy the latest trendy goods at a low price in a short time.

These brands have their own characteristics, although the business process is very similar. The concept of fast fashion can save a lot of time, and time is efficiency and money.

As the name implies,The counter stools,bar stools , dining chairs fast fashion refers to the use and rise of fast fashion models in Dining furniture. According to the relevant statements of the industry media and the author's personal experience, the current fast fashion phenomenon in the home furnishing industry can be summarized into two major characteristics:


The first is that the counter stools categories are gradually enriched, and the fast-updated soft-fit small objects are mainly used, such as pillows, seats, bedding, tableware and personal care products, etc. The products have high consumption frequency, strong design sense, and high cost performance The "fast-moving consumer goods" characteristics of the targeted mainstream groups are young urban consumer groups who pay attention to product quality and appearance, are mildly price sensitive, and have a certain economic and aesthetic level;

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Second, the store design is different from ordinary counter stool stores. It has the characteristics of exquisite decoration, fashionable style, and bright colors. It pays attention to space design and scene matching, and pays attention to consumer shopping experience while high space utilization. The location of the store is mainly located in department stores with high traffic. The trendy individual design, warm mood style and sophisticated quality redefine consumers' attitudes towards home life. In addition, some store formats such as "pop-up stores" are also regarded as the embodiment of home fast fashion. ( counter stools suppliers in china )

With the introduction of concepts such as consumption upgrades, new retail, and new middle class, while the home furnishing industry is slowly evolving, many obvious and perceptible changes have also taken place, such as a shift to fast fashion.


Who set off the trend of counter stool home fast fashion? It is mainly divided into three types of roles: one is the home furnishing company that is transforming into new retail; the second is a fashion chain retail giant that comes from across the border; the third is a pan-home lifestyle retailer.

The slogan of home fast fashion will be called out one after another around 2016, but the voice is relatively weak.

In July 2017, at Country Garden's Orange Home Global Strategy Conference, Orange Home officially launched the "Fast Fashion·New Retail" brand, and launched the Orange Home soft decoration brand OHOME, which opened the office, product development, model room, and home experience. An integrated research institute, a super experience store, a supply chain integration service provider built around furniture, home textiles, dining and kitchenware, lighting, and home fast-moving consumer goods.