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Metal furniture manufacturer in china solves the problem of space waste
Author:Tangshifu Furniture| release time:2020-10-30

Metal furniture manufacturer in china solves the problem of space waste. In the past three years, taking the Furniture Fair as an example, the traditional finished panel furniture has been reduced from three pavilions to one pavilion. Although the panel still occupies a prime position, it is mixed with it. The upholstered furniture shows the embarrassment of being stretched out. On the contrary, the emergence of customized furniture has increased from one pavilion to three pavilions this year, frantically eroding the share of finished panel furniture.

The effect

The effect of the finished panel furniture exhibition hall is far from the actual decoration effect of the customer's home. The psychological gap of consumers is very large. Obviously, finished panel furniture cannot meet the experience needs of consumers, and it is even more difficult to meet the "one-to-one" individual needs. The birth of customized furniture not only solves the problem of space waste, but also solves the problem of inconsistent styles of home decoration and furniture, and meets the individual needs of consumers. The bedroom furniture manufacturers in china cannot unify the style.



This advantage is unmatched by finished furniture. The author believes that the decline of traditional finished panel furniture, in addition to the company's own strength, is that the company's dominant thinking has not followed the trend of the industry. The success of Shangpin Home Delivery, Sophia and other custom furniture is to conform to the development trend of the market and industry. More importantly, they have strong design and development capabilities and the ability to set standards.

The bedroom furniture manufacturers in china are facing difficulties. In recent years, the traditionally tepid finished home furnishing market has seen an unprecedented decline. Nearly three-fifths of the furniture market has been divided by other home furnishing industries. A large number of finished furniture brands have closed down or are forced to transform into custom furniture and finished furniture markets. Shrinking quickly, who on earth moved the cheese of finished furniture?