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To visit the stores of accent velvet chair manufacturers
Author:Tangshifu Furniture| release time:2020-09-10

The author once again embarked on a journey of shop exploration with
accent velvet chair manufacturers. and observed that, compared with the traditional store delivery habits, individual companies chose to combine their own characteristics to find a new way, changed, and opened up a path of store layout with their own characteristics.

As we all know, the "gold rush era" of the home furnishing industry has gone, and what we are facing are two industry trends in opposite directions: the first obvious trend is that the market gradually concentrates on large companies and brands, and the Matthew effect It is becoming more and more obvious; the other is that the terminal channels are pulled and diverted by various forces, including pan-home improvement companies, real estate companies, e-commerce companies and even Internet companies such as Xiaomi.

Visit the stores

Diversification of home furnishing sales channels has become a consensus, from traditional stores and distributors to e-commerce, department stores, independent stores, hardcover houses, and so on.For accent velvet chair manufacturers the process of proactive change is also an opportunity for the industry to rejuvenate. With the increasingly intensified market competition, major brand manufacturers have also begun to explore new channel strategies in order to occupy more market shares in the fierce competition, and a new round of "expansion war" has once again begun vigorously.

What's interesting is that, compared with the traditional store delivery habits, individual companies choose to combine their own characteristics to find a new way, make a big change, and open up a path to store layout with their own characteristics. This Tuesday, the author once again embarked on a journey to explore the stores, inspecting three stores at once.
Art + home, how are the home furnishing brands surrounded by oil paintings and sculptures developing?

3 points

Although the home furnishing industry has a market size of nearly 4.4 trillion, the overall marketing methods are backward, coupled with the impact of Internet e-commerce, the business of traditional stores is getting worse and worse; secondly, our consumer groups have also undergone great changes, younger and younger The preference for the middle class has left the traditional home furnishing market in the cold.

According to the author’s analysis, there are three reasons for the above situation:

1)Poor user experience in most stores: Traditional home furnishing stores are limited in scale and the samples that can be displayed are limited. The samples that users see when they enter the store may not be what they like, which leads to Customer selectivity and experience are poor;

2) Single-product home furnishing is still the mainstream: 80% of the stores in the home market still sell single-product furniture, with too many products, slow product updates, and single category Enterprises have not carefully studied the deep-seated needs of consumers, even if the product is upgraded, they will change the soup without changing the medicine, working behind closed doors;

3) Shortage of marketing methods: most accent velvet chair manufacturers, they are still laymen in the face of marketing , Especially in the face of the ever-changing consumer demand of young people, it seems even more lack of stamina.

accent velvet chair manufacturers

Current competitive situation

This time, Tandian provided a "window" to re-examine the home furnishing stores. The author found that the home furnishing stores in the 798 Park chose to integrate "offline home experience" and "afternoon tea leisure". Consumers’ experience process is no longer flat-just watching and simple trials, but more multi-dimensional and three-dimensional-in the environment created by their own products, expanding the business of food and leisure, and letting consumers know more about household products At the same time, to further attract customers through the development of new paths, the "home +" model quietly took shape.

Being user-oriented and embracing younger consumer groups is not at the expense of ignoring products and innovation. Products serve the brand, and brands rely on product support. New ways of marketing and promotion, and even traditional promotions, should not shake a theme and content, which is to promote product power, form product power, enrich the connotation of the enterprise through products, and expand ideas. Can furniture marketing, on this basis, to create a fan economy.

With this insight, from the current competitive situation, the marketing campaign of home furnishing companies has been reshuffled with fresh gameplay. In addition to seeking differentiated breakthroughs from the perspectives of strategic adjustment, product innovation, and conceptual transformation, home furnishing entrepreneurs The promotion method and approach have also begun to exert new directions. As far as the companies explored this time are concerned, the precise positioning of fans through "art marketing" and "cross-border linkage", enhanced interactive scenes and aroused resonance, may be a kind of value marketing with more warmth and texture.