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To know the quality of fabric upholstery furniture for sale
Author:Tangshifu Furniture| release time:2020-09-11

Customized home furnishings and whole-house decoration are booming in the provincial home improvement market, and home improvement companies, door and window brands, and cabinet brands are all promoting customized upholstery furniture. Unable to withstand the temptation of various customized home pictures on mobile phones and the Internet, Mr. Hu, a provincial city citizen, plans to use a customized home of 30,000 yuan to build a children's room for his three-year-old son. There are too many knowledge about fabric upholstery furniture for sale .How should environmentally friendly products be chosen? Is the quotation reasonable? How to ensure environmental protection, safety, comfort and convenience?” In response to Mr. Hu’s doubts, this issue, the reporter visited the customized home furnishing market in the provincial capital.

know the quality

The reporter visited and found that the mainstream products of cabinet panels are mostly particle boards, that is, wood-based panels made of wood fiber materials after applying adhesive and glued under the action of heat and pressure. Such products are more affordable. . In addition to common boards such as particle board and solid wood, each company also has special products, such as original board and hexiang board. No matter what kind of board, the main focus is environmental protection. But how to judge whether the plate is environmentally friendly? The reporter learned that in view of the hidden nature of the environmental protection performance of the plate itself, the environmental protection of the plate can be judged by the inspection report of the brand plate.

fabric upholstery furniture for sale

The hardware of fabric upholstery furniture for sale includes handles, slide rails, lifters, hinges, backrest frames, springs, nails, feet and other metal accessories that play the role of connection, movement, decoration, and fastening. Called furniture hardware components. Customized furniture needs hardware accessories to support. The quality of hardware determines the durability of the furniture during activities. The shape of the hardware accessories affects the aesthetics of theupholstery furniture. Therefore, hardware accessories are also important considerations when purchasing products.

Inappropriate selection

Inappropriate selection, the handle and track with higher frequency will be easily damaged, causing inconvenience to use. The reporter found that the hardware currently used by major brands is basically imported from Germany, but some of them are OEM. Although the products used are the same, the warranty period of the products is inconsistent, and consumers need to be clear when signing the contract.

The previous sales reports are all estimates, and the actual price can only be equal to the amount of houses, and the detailed quotation will be listed after the renderings are drawn. In addition to choosing different plates and hardware will cause price differences, door panels are also the main factor affecting prices. There is little difference in the quotations of the various brands of sheet metal and hardware, but the door panels are different in style and color, and there will be price differences. Merchants usually use a variety of door panels with different advantages to attract customers.

Functional furniture

Due to different quotation methods, the same type of apartment requires the same, and the quotations of different brands are very different. Be especially careful with some brands that rely on low prices to cut in. There may be additional items in subsequent production and construction. Therefore, you should choose a brand with a standard quotation and a specific project.

In addition to functional requirements and matching preferences, custom home upholstery furniture also need to match the type of house and develop availability, which requires communication between consumers and designers. And the designer's ability directly affects the design beauty and functional use of each functional area. At the same time, when customizing products to install, the requirements for workers are also higher. Big brands have fixed installation masters and will conduct professional training.

The store manager of Shangpin Home Delivery told reporters that the customized products are unique in size, color, and materials due to the individualization of the products. The entire consumption process is from the early field measurement, plan design, factory order, product transportation to the final product. Installation and commissioning, there can be no mistakes in any link. Therefore, the quality of the service personnel in the whole process has high requirements. Professionalism is one aspect, and the sense of responsibility and work attitude are also very important. This also caused the same brand to buy products with different results. Consumers need to be reminded that the delivery cycle of customized products is long, coupled with installation, debugging and correction, time is difficult to grasp, consumers must be fully psychologically prepared.