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The New design requirements of metal sofa manufacturers in china
Author:Tangshifu Furniture| release time:2020-11-08

In the past ten years of industry development, from the early sofa single product to the current whole house customization, the product design requirements of metal sofa manufacturers in china have evolved from the traditional single product design to the overall space design. This puts forward very high requirements on the level and systematization of enterprise product design.

I have a question that has been holding back for a long time to ask everyone: Is there any serious homogeneity problem in the custom home furnishing industry?

My personal answer is very serious. Why? Because under the existing custom home model, companies have similar raw materials, similar equipment, similar sofa products, and even sales of words and service content are a routine. For sofa consumers, what is the difference between whole house customization A and whole house customization B? I really don't know.

The homogenization

If there is no price war after the start of this year, perhaps I would not be so sure. In March of this year, custom home furnishings represented by Oupai, Sophia, and Shangpin Home Delivery have introduced specific spring promotion policies.

According to common-sense experience, the final result of homogenization must be a price war, and the price war will bring about a deep reshuffle of the industry. However, at the beginning of the year, no one would have imagined such a sad reminder this year: the price war was actually robbed of the headlines, followed by a decline in real estate, the trade war…. When the interim report came out a few months later, everyone found the giants of the past Almost all of our performance fell short of expectations.

In the custom home furnishing industry, is there any room for differentiation? I think there is, and the answer is design.

metal sofa manufacturers in china

To be honest, in the pan-home furnishing circle, I think the exhibition halls of custom home furnishing companies are still relatively advanced. After all, compared with traditional product furniture, the business model of custom home furnishing is leading. However, in the face of almost rigid terminal upgrade requirements, companies have room for improvement.

Chair with new design

Why is it a design? If the early days of selling wardrobes were still selling products, then the whole house customization should not just sell products. In fact, it is selling cabinets in the home space and extending from the cabinets. To full space product customization.

Pack it, and in a beautiful way, it is the whole house space solution. From the perspective of space solutions, it includes at least space diagnosis, program design, and product realization. The professional space diagnosis and plan design in this may be the real embodiment of the core value of the word customization.

In addition, in accordance with the current development logic of the customization industry, from single product to whole house customization, to the future of complete and large homes. As the whole house customization covers more and more categories and becomes more integrated, design will become more and more obvious as the central role of the entire chain of series consumer demand, metal sofa factory production and final delivery.

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