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National standard and international standards for board enterprises
Author:Tangshifu Furniture| release time:2020-11-06

An industry person who is undergoing the pains of the transformation of the board industry said to the author, "From the processing of semi-finished boards to the production of finished furniture, board companies need to overthrow the previous thinking mode to move forward. If you continue to conquer custom home furnishings, this process The price to be paid is too great."

The pace

And even if the price is so high, it does not hinder the pace of sheet metal companies trying to enter the custom field. Because of the hidden sheet market pressure behind it, it is far more respite than the last battle in the custom market.

For general panel companies or wood chair manufacturers, in addition to the "national standard", there are international standards and the company's own standards as specifications. The general international standards will With higher requirements, the standards of some companies will also be higher than domestic standards, so many companies just stay within the scope of meeting the "national standard" specifications. If the "national standard" is raised, many companies will be miserable.

Under the high pressure of environmental protection last year, sheet metal companies can be described as mourning. Costs increase, dealers' profits are not guaranteed, and terminal profits are damaged. Such a vicious cycle continues, and business operations are unsustainable. This year, the new environmental protection policy continues to increase, and it has to force plate companies to embark on the road of transformation.

Different measures

Different measures are available in the same period, The wood chair manufacturers should respond according to the specific situation.

In addition, from the board market itself, the channel layout has reached a bottleneck, the competition between brands has become increasingly fierce, and the declining profit margins have made the board companies see no hope for the future.

According to statistics from the Information Center of China Timber and Wood Products Circulation Association, the output of the wood-based panel industry reached 315 million cubic meters in 2017 alone, an increase of 4.9% year-on-year. Among them, plywood was 182 million cubic meters, a year-on-year increase of 2.7%; fiberboard was 67 million cubic meters, the same year-on-year; particleboard was 35 million cubic meters, a year-on-year increase of 31%.

Driven by overcapacity in the low-end and the trend of consumption upgrades, it coincides with the temptation of high customer unit prices and high interest rates for the whole house customization, which finally makes the sheet metal companies resolutely take this step of transformation.The wood chair manufacturers gain experience from it and prepare for transformation.

But on the other hand, "the production cycle of customized home furnishings is longer than that of finished furniture, and the cost will increase accordingly. At the front end, the price will be higher. If the two problems of cost and production cycle can be solved at the same time, it can become the final The winner of the competition.” said Yan Zhe, vice president of Bransa.

For sheet metal companies, the prerequisite and decisive elements of transformation are intelligent manufacturing and production equipment and customized language-informatization, both of which are indispensable.