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The functions of smart accent velvet chair
Author:Tangshifu Furniture| release time:2020-09-10

It can be seen in almost every family in Norway. It is well-known in many countries in the world for its comfort and good looks. If you lie on a recliner in person, you will be intoxicated by the comfort that fits your body curve. You can even boldly imagine the comfort of a Norwegian who knows how to enjoy life lying on a accent velvet chair,drinking red wine and looking at the distant scenery. Below, let's reveal the four black technologies of IMG recliner.

New functions

1.Adjustable headrest for best support for head and neck

When lying down, the first consideration is head support. The headrest of the general recliner is fixed, and can only maintain one position to lean against. Coupled with the hard material of the headrest, the head and neck will become sore after lying down for a long time. The adjustable headrest of the recliner can adjust the head and neck angle up and down, front and back according to your needs, so that you can always maintain a comfortable posture. No matter how long you lie down, it can give you a comfortable experience like a head and neck massage.

2.Self-adjusting tilt function, such as leaning against a cradle

Of course, the light energy of the recliner is not enough to support the head and neck, and more importantly, the overall experience. The IMG recliner also has a self-adjusting backrest function, allowing you to recline and change the inclination of your back effortlessly. When in use, it can perfectly fit the eight parts of the human head, neck, shoulders, back, waist, hips, legs, and feet, and provide reasonable support for each part of the body. Not only that, when lying down quickly break down the pressure on the muscles, and release the muscle soreness caused by busy work.

In addition to reasonable design, high-quality materials are also indispensable. The seat is equipped with luxurious foamed foam velvet cushion, moderate hardness, good resilience, giving you a cradle-like package, and can maintain the balance of the body's center of gravity, and enjoy the Norwegian style.

Other functions

1.360°smooth rotation, whatever you want

At first glance, the 360° rotation seems to be a function that most recliners on the market have, and there is not much newness. In fact, it is not the case. Although the 360° rotation is not the first one, many seats or recliners will not rotate smoothly after being used for a period of time, and there will be some noise.

IMG's ingeniously forged 360° rotation, you can move to the ideal position with just a slight rotation, which is silky smooth and embraces the joy of rotation. In order to resist damage for 10 years, the base is made of external plywood and internal steel structure, which can remain firm and smooth even after years of use.

2.Ergonomic pedal design, the last secret of comfort

It seems to some people that the pedals will be a bit tasteless. In fact, when lying down, the position of the feet is also related to comfort. If the leg loses support, it will inevitably become numb and stiff over time. The independent pedals of the IMG recliner can form good support for your feet and legs, relax leg muscles, promote blood circulation, and restore fatigue. More importantly, it can be intelligently adjusted according to different postures. For example, when the back is leaning back, the pedals will not open, and will only operate when the legs are lifted up.

The accent velvet chair

Of course, if you lack a seat, it can also play that role cleverly, which is very simple and practical.

It's hard to believe that there are so many technological structures hidden behind a recliner. For the Norwegians, the accent velvet chair is not only a chair, but also a symbol of life. If you are also following the path of happiness and exploring life, then, the comfort and enjoyment presented by the black technology of the IMG lounge chair is worth your personal experience.