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The custom home and the office furniture manufacturers in china
Author:Tangshifu Furniture| release time:2020-09-22

The custom home furnishing industry is regarded as the outlet of the home furnishing market in recent years. It is common for well-developed companies to increase their annual sales by 50% or more year-on-year. Of course, this is due to the low industry base and the support of the rapid development of the industry.

Rapid growth

However, in 2018, the rapid growth momentum of the customization industry has changed. Zeng Yong, secretary-general of the Guangdong Custom Home Furnishing Association, said that the overall economic slowdown has caused the environment for the customization industry to become harsh, the custom market dividend period has passed, and the industry reshuffle is proceeding in an orderly manner.

Liu Shunping, vice president of marketing for Opei Home Furnishings, predicts that the market in 2019 will be "troubled and rainy," and he said that companies have to "increasing income and reducing expenditure." The head of marketing of a custom company said frankly that the business was really easy to do in the past few years, and the year-on-year growth rate was more than 70% at the best time. Up".

The overall performance growth rate of the home furnishing industry declined in 2018, which is also reflected in some listed companies. The reporter compiled the financial data of six large-scale customized companies. Through the comparison of operating income growth from the first to third quarters of 2017-2018, it was found that, except for the first two quarters of Shangpin Home Delivery and the first quarter of Opai, which maintained positive growth, The growth rate of several other companies is slowing down.The office furniture manufacturers in china maintain their output.

The slowdown

The slowdown in growth does not mean that the market cannot do anything. On the contrary, the efforts of customized companies to open stores in the future will increase. For example, Cai Jie, Chairman and Assistant to the Executive President of Paidson, said that there are currently more than 1,300 stores under its umbrella and will increase to 4,000 in the next five years. Weiyi Customization CEO Ouyang Xi also believes: "The more the industry enters the winter, the more brand companies have to fight hard."

Both rush and aim at the direction. In 2019 and beyond, where is the "money scene" of the customization industry?

Hu Yanan, secretary-general of the Residential Decoration and Parts Industry Branch of the China Building Decoration Association, said that customized companies should pay more attention to the second-hand housing renovation market. She believes that the real estate market has entered the second half, and the second-hand housing transaction and decoration market is very large: "At the end of 2017, the share of newly built buildings in the country was 570 billion yuan, and the share of second-hand housing renovation and decoration was 550 billion yuan. The two are very close. The development momentum of house decoration is very good. In 2018, the companies that achieved contrarian growth in the home decoration industry have almost all paid attention to second-hand house decoration.

Major points

Zeng Yong believes that it is more important to study the habits of emerging consumer groups and grasp their needs. The data shows that the new generation of "post-95" consumer groups is becoming larger and larger, and its huge purchase potential is worthy of the attention of enterprises. Brand rejuvenation and personalized upgrades are worthy of consideration for every company in brand building and marketing promotion in the future. The key proposition.
"In the future, if you want to capture the hearts of the new generation of consumers, you will have to solve their two major pain points:'how to (steal) lazily' and'how to be beautiful'. At the same time, traditional stores are no longer the only consumer traffic entrance. Designers, Channels such as decoration companies, real estate agencies, and online platforms are becoming more and more important, presenting a situation of diversified entrances and exits.

Where consumers gather, companies will open stores, such as SHOPPING MALL experience store, office building experience store, street store, community store, etc. Emerging formats are good places to attract young consumer groups. Of course, if companies want to win the market in a slowing market, the most fundamental point is to insist on good product quality."The office furniture manufacturers in china are expanding their stores.