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Spring of furniture rental
Author:Tangshifu Furniture| release time:2020-08-12

American furniture leasing company once again received 30 million US dollars in financing (approximately 206 million yuan). It is understood that this round of financing will be used to expand the company's logistics infrastructure, develop new markets, and recruit more talents.

From its establishment in 2017 to today, in just three years, Feather has received US$76 million (approximately 530 million RMB) in equity and debt financing from investors.

Home decor

The living room furniture manufacturers in china mainly provides rental services for furniture and home decorations, mainly designed for young people whose lives are still unstable in the city. Customers can choose from more than 350 kinds of furniture and home decor. These furniture covers a variety of styles, categories and brands.

Consumers need to choose a delivery date on the platform, and all items will be delivered and assembled in less than a week to meet the user’s schedule.  

In addition, in order to facilitate the lives of users, the living room furniture manufacturers in china also provides a furniture replacement service, users can change a piece of furniture or furnishings to other different items. The entire replacement process is completed by the company's team, who will send the new items selected by the user to the user's home and help install it. If users no longer need an item, they can contact the company’s account manager and return the product directly.

Different from traditional furniture leasing companies, customers do not need to pay a deposit for furniture, but through a membership subscription system to enhance user stickiness.

The rental period for non-members is three months, the cost of furniture delivery and installation is $99 each time, and there is no discount on the monthly rent. The rental period for members is 12 months. Each time new furniture comes to your door, you can provide free express delivery and installation services. The monthly rent will have a larger discount than non-members, and the furniture moving service will be enjoyed once a year.

living room furniture manufacturers in china

Established furniture retailers

In the past two months, Indian furniture leasing company has received US$50 million in debt financing, American online furniture leasing company Fernish has completed US$15 million in Series A financing, Furlenco has completed US$10 million in financing, and Inhabitr has received US$4 million in Series A financing… …

  A long list can be listed here. In addition, IKEA, MUJI and other companies have also announced their involvement in furniture rental services.

  There is no doubt that furniture leasing has become one of the booming industries in the world. Furniture rental companies continue to emerge around the world. There are not only established furniture retailers like IKEA, but also more disruptive Internet start-ups, the latter being the most representative in India and the United States. Among them, the US furniture rental market has reached 44 billion US dollars.

The living room furniture manufacturers in china are mainly for millennials (young people born between 1983 and 2000), especially young people who live in big cities with insufficient funds and temporarily do not have their own houses. The boom in the furniture rental market reflects the growing popularity of young people's behavior of "renting instead of buying"

Domestic rental market

The domestic rental market has not yet taken shapeIn contrast, domestic furniture leasing has not yet formed a scale.

  However, the development of home rental projects of dining room furniture manufacturers in china is inseparable from the development of the rental market: China will have 300 million rental populations in the future, and recent new rental policies have frequently emerged. With the hot rental market, furniture rental may usher in a good time for development.

  Currently, China’s furniture leasing companies include renting cube, Dorm, shaking home, gathering home, sharing rent and easy living. Although the number is large, enterprises of a certain scale have not yet appeared.

  The market space is huge and the development trend is clear. Will the spring of furniture rental be far behind?