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Living room furniture has many high-quality features
Author:Tangshifu Furniture| release time:2020-08-12

Aluminum furniture has many high-quality features such as "environmental materials, green pollution-free, environmental protection, and goodbye to formaldehyde". In recent years, it has been actively promoted by the country; living room furniture manufacturers in chinaare also being consumed more and more The readers know and understand, and gradually enter "the flourishing spring."

From a micro perspective, aluminum processing profiles are important, renewable and environmentally friendly materials for the national economy and people's livelihood. The emergence of aluminum furniture conforms to the country's policies and directions to broaden the use of aluminum processing materials, extend and expand, reduce production capacity, energy conservation and environmental protection.

Environmental protection

From the perspective of green environmental protection, with the development of Chinese society, people's quality of life has improved, and at the same time health awareness has also been strengthened, and the society's call for new, healthy and environmentally friendly home decoration materials has intensified.

On the one hand, replacing wood with aluminum and the emergence of aluminum furniture has realized the concept of cutting down trees less, and preserved more green for our homes; on the other hand, it has also solved many pain points of wooden furniture and delivered a satisfaction Answer: Green, environmentally friendly, odorless, pollution-free, ready to install, waterproof, moisture-proof, fire-resistant, flame-retardant, insect-proof, moth-proof, mildew-proof and corrosion-proof, non-deformation, easy to clean, long life, recyclable, recyclable and other characteristics.

With the "increasing" requirements for healthy and environmentally friendly furniture life, "substituting aluminum for wood" has also become an inevitable trend, and living room furniture manufacturers in china will usher in unprecedented development opportunities.

From the perspective of craftsmanship, the dining room furniture manufacturers in china adopts advanced surface treatment technology, so that it not only meets consumers' demand for functionality and practicality, but also meets consumers' aesthetics of furniture design pursue. The global design center of Chinalco Luluomeichao was officially completed in the manufacturing capital of Dongguan.

living room furniture manufacturers in china

Aluminum furniture products

It is driven by design innovation to enhance the competitiveness of products and systems. Its product style is based on the design of NORMORE style, light luxury style, and simple style. The products are mainly reflected in aluminum furniture products such as aluminum cabinets, aluminum wardrobes, aluminum wine cabinets, etc., incorporating the high-end texture of aluminum metal into furniture products. Let aluminum furniture enter thousands of households.

From the perspective of intelligence, living room furniture manufacturers in chinaare exploring the combination of products and intelligence, and launching more and more intelligent products. The advantages of intelligent aluminum furniture are obvious: aluminum materials are light in weight, strong, easy to be processed and formed, and the possibility of being damaged by repeated mechanical activities is much smaller than that of wood or panel furniture; furniture uses aluminum alloy composite materials, making electronic intelligence Home furnishing is better expanded; the process of making smart furniture from wood or board is more complicated, which in turn increases costs.

It will lead and define the standards of the aluminum home furnishing industry, rely on its own strength and a strong R&D team to ensure quality and quantity, and give full play to the advantages, ductility, easy processing, health and environmental protection of aluminum metal, with customization as the core, with Intelligentization is supplemented by the line of modernity and technology.

New reform

With the popularization of environmental protection awareness, the improvement of health awareness, and the advancement of technology, the production technology of aluminum furniture is becoming more and more mature. It will surely become the vane of green home development and lead the new reform of the home furnishing industry. It is widely used in home furnishings and workwear. In the product. In the future, "healthy and safe" aluminum furniture will become the darling of thousands of households and become an unstoppable trend…

Some key exhibitions will be launched one after another. Previously, cloud exhibitions were held online, but now they are returning to offline. Objectively speaking, even when the Internet is as developed as it is today, the value of the exhibition cannot be ignored.

The exhibition has an irreplaceable role in restoring the economy and revitalizing the industry. On the one hand, the exhibition can be an efficient platform to showcase the outlook and weather of the industry, consolidate the joint efforts of enterprises, help the industry to increase business activity, and enhance the prosperity of the industry.