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See more Processing details of dining room furniture manufacturers in china
Author:Tangshifu Furniture| release time:2020-08-21

Panel furniture is now also the main furniture material we often choose in our lives. Panel furniture has various design styles and numerous models and specifications, which meet the needs of many consumers and become a new family in the furniture category.

As the saying goes, details determine success or failure. Although edge banding is a small part of furniture production, it plays an important role in the quality of furniture. The edge-sealing effect of panel furniture is a microcosm of the quality of the furniture. Poor edge-sealing effect will affect the overall appearance of the furniture and shorten the life of the furniture product.

Exquisite edge banding technology is an important factor to ensure the quality of furniture. Excellent edge banding not only strictly controls the color difference, but also keeps the furniture uniform and beautiful; it also makes the edges and corners invisible, without processing traces, making the board more like a whole piece Wooden boards; protect the environmental protection and health of the home environment.

Panel furniture of dining room furniture manufacturers in china has a variety of edge-sealing forms, and different edge-sealing forms will bring different look and feel to the furniture.


  1. 1.PVC edge banding

Plastic edge banding of wood grain, transparent, plain and two-color series made of polypropylene or polyvinyl chloride through mechanical pressing. It has the characteristics of heat resistance, oil resistance, high strength, hardness, and flexibility; its surface performance is good, wear resistance, and can be trimmed.

  1. 2.Melamine edge banding

Use high-quality colored base paper to print various artistic patterns (or pure plain colors) such as wood grain, flower, leather grain, marble grain, etc., and then impregnate the cured paper edge band with modified melamine resin.

  1. 3.ABS edge banding

ABS resin is currently one of the most advanced materials in the world. The edge bands made of it are not doped with calcium carbonate, and after trimming, they appear translucent and smooth without whitening.

  1. 4.Metal edge banding

Metal clip edge sealing, simple, convenient and practical. Metal colors are easy to match, oil and wear resistant.

The above is the common cover form, which is one of the main factors affecting the edge banding effect. However, as a custom-made panel furniture manufacturer, it cannot be limited to materials, and dining room furniture manufacturers in china should also pay attention to other aspects.

  1. 5.Processing environment

Ambient temperature is an important influencing factor in the edge banding process. If the ambient temperature is too low, the hot melt adhesive will cool too fast and cannot be glued according to the preset process parameters. The ambient temperature cannot be lower than 18°C ​​in winter.

dining room furniture manufacturers in china


Avoid placing the edge banding equipment near the vents or the gate of the workshop, as the blowing of cold air will reduce the edge banding quality.

The environment around the edge banding machine should be kept as clean as possible. Debris, oil and other dirt will reduce the quality of the edge banding.

Substrate bedroom furniture manufacturers in china attach importance to the sawing process before edge banding, improve the cutting quality of the substrate, and avoid chipping, tearing, unsmooth saw cuts, uneven sawing roads, etc. The temperature of the substrate itself will affect the quality of edge sealing. Before edge sealing, the substrate should be kept at room temperature for at least 24 hours.

The shape of the special-shaped workpiece must be designed reasonably, and the edge banding material must be correctly matched with the bending radius of the special-shaped workpiece.Edge banding equipment Increase the functional configuration of edge banding equipment. The edge of the base material is milled by the adhesive surface finishing milling device, with high precision and smooth milling mouth, which improves the visual effect of the edge sealing seam.

The surface

The surface cleaning scraper is placed at the end of the edge banding machine to effectively remove the extremely thin glue layer adhering to the edge banding seam area.

The edge sealing seam surface cleaning device sprays a cleaning agent on the edge seam of the workpiece through a nozzle to remove residual adhesive and other contaminants, so that the surface of the edge seam is clean and beautiful.

The sizing amount is strictly quantitative. According to different substrates, edge banding materials and different process conditions, it is ideal to control the sizing amount to 150~250g/㎡.

The feed speed of the workpiece must be suitable for the speed required by the hot melt adhesive used.

Smart packaging

In the production process of panel furniture, the quality of edge banding is sometimes overlooked, and another production factor that is overlooked is product packaging. Aiming at the kneading-type processing method, facing the problem of how to separate and pack, the experts of Liwei Intelligent Equipment introduced: The intelligent sorting line can quickly realize the accurate subcontracting of workpieces of different orders by identifying the two-dimensional code.

Manually translate the machine on the upper plate to code the plates, and transport them to the predictive measuring station. The measuring position is reserved in advance and then the required carton size is accurately measured after entering the measuring station.

The data obtained by the measuring station is instantly transmitted to the paper cutter, the paper cutter cuts the required size, and the cartons are manually taken to the board feeder for packing.

The packed packages are sent to the sealing machine through the conveyor line for sealing. After the sealing is completed, the packages are palletized and put into storage by manual or machine.

Smart packaging of panel furniture can not only improve the delivery efficiency of panel furniture, but also improve the aesthetics of the packaging and brand image. Like edge sealing, it is a link that wins with details. The dining room furniture manufacturers in china In the production process, they must grasp every subtle link of manufacturing to fundamentally improve their own strength.