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Operating cost of birch furniture manufacturers
Author:Tangshifu Furniture| release time:2020-10-27

With the rapid development of the home furnishing industry and the increasing brand competition, the operating pressure of birch furniture manufacturers is even greater, especially the dealers of first-line brands! The sales price is too low, the activity frequency is too small or too large, the product is changed quickly, the payment is difficult to write off, the delivery is delayed, the credit sales problem… but the dealer’s operating cost is higher year by year, whether it is rent or labor Or management costs and so on.

Various problems

In the past two years, various problems of big brands have frequently been exposed. Many dealers have voluntarily given up the agency of first-line brands, and turned to second-line brands of small and medium-sized enterprises, and even left the industry! In the past, dealers were longing for big brands. Who wouldn't want to represent a big brand? It is easy for big brands to enter the channels, with large sales volume and high visibility, and they can quickly establish sales channels. In addition, acting for large brands can improve their management capabilities, and with the help of manufacturers, they can quickly standardize their own market, management, and marketing standards, so that bedroom furniture manufacturers in china are more standardized and controllable, making money easier.

In recent years, the economic situation is not good, and the sales tasks of manufacturers have not decreased with the changes in the market, but have increased year by year. It is not surprising that the tasks and the market have separated from the industry. Acting for big brands has gradually become a headache for dealers. In order to live, more and more dealers have given up big brands.

What is the reality?

In 2018, only 16% of dealers felt their business was OK. When it comes to bad business, everyone is almost unanimous.

This is the reality before us. The overwhelming economic crisis on the Internet has been broadcasted crazy in the dealer circle, only because it impressed me and revealed the real situation.

In the past, big brands were very popular. why? Because big brands can bring huge benefits to agents. The benefits brought by big brands may not be direct profits, but they can certainly bring profits indirectly. Because big brands are often reduced to "products with goods", big brands and small brands match, both sales and profits.

The bedroom furniture manufacturers in china have to spend effort on brand building, but the results seen are not optimistic.

In that era, all Chinese companies, whether manufacturers or merchants, were growth-dependent companies. As long as sales increase, profits can increase. All the problems of the enterprise will be concealed by sales growth.

But this era ended in 2013. In 2013, most industries in China reached the highest sales volume in history. In 2014 and 2015, in the face of declining sales, the normal job of manufacturers was to "rescue sales