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New thoughts of living room furniture manufacturers in china
Author:Tangshifu Furniture| release time:2020-08-17

The home improvement industry has shown a clear downward trend year-on-year, and the market environment is falling into fierce competition. In sharp contrast to this, the growth rate of software homes, especially functional homes, has shown a contrarian growth.

In fact, not only this year, but the continuous rise in market popularity in recent years has made many people look at the category of functional home furnishings. Some living room furniture manufacturers in china have launched their own functional home furnishing products one after another. Suddenly, functional home furnishings suddenly became the next magic weapon for major brands to seek new growth points.

Brand strength

However, can we think that functional homes will become the next outlet? Due to the different strengths of brands, uneven product quality will quickly shake the trust of consumers. The long-term function of home furnishings lies in product strength. On the basis of product strength, the differentiated marketing of brands can be recognized in today's increasingly demanding consumer demand. Among them, product strength is related to brand strength and investment in product research and development.

At the same time, even with product strength, doing a good job in differentiated marketing itself is not an easy task. Let us take a look at how LAZBOY, a functional sofa brand known for its professionalism and innovation in the field of functional home furnishings, created a successful IP for differentiated marketing with a "lazy" word.

Another perspective

With the rise of the younger generation of consumer groups born in the 1990s and 2000s, the pursuit of individuality and quality has become a new consumer demand. In differentiated marketing, the key to success lies in whether it can "poke" the hearts of consumers.

From ancient times to the present, the word "lazy" has been used in a derogatory sense, but from another perspective, "lazy" is a kind of precious open-mindedness in today's urban society full of high pressure: sit down and rest. It is to start more energetic; occasionally "being lazy" is just to give the body and mind a chance to rest and use the energy where it is more needed. No one can always be in a state of "chicken blood" with nervous tension, and occasionally being a "lazy person" is the really smart and yearning choice of urban elites.

Retail target

The living room furniture manufacturers in china By deeply digging into the spiritual experience and spiritual satisfaction that sofas bring to users, they created the "Lazy Day" and incorporated the brand concept and product features into it, thus quickly triggering consumers, especially young consumers The strong resonance of the group.

It is understood that in just 22 days, LAZBOY's sixth season of Lazy Festival has achieved a good result of exceeding the retail target of the national stores, a year-on-year increase of 104%. In this year's environment where the home furnishing industry has shown a year-on-year decline, LAZBOY can still maintain such a rapid growth, which has made the entire industry and outsiders look at it.

living room furniture manufacturers in china

In the sixth season of the latest season of "Lazy Day", the dining room furniture manufacturers in china has upgraded the theme of "Lazy People" again, targeting the newlyweds and proposing the theme of "Lazy People Love", Wake up the romantic pursuit of newlyweds and young couples in life, from being "lazy" alone to "lazy together" for two. At the same time, the "lazy love" also fits the comfort experience of the LAZBOY Le Zhibao functional sofa product itself to bring people's beloved feeling.

Unlike most brands, which emphasize "efficiency" rather than "brand", in the sixth season of "Lazy Festival", LAZBOY not only launched product films that explained the selling points of the product, but also combined themed concept films and product films. Combined, highlight those heart-pounding romantic moments between lovers, thus triggering resonance among consumers at all levels.

LAZBOY Le Zhibao interprets the 7 large spaces using functional sofas in home life as a stage play. At the sixth season of the "Lazy Day" kick-off meeting, the nation’s premiere will be performed. The form is innovative, and the life scene is vividly interpreted. The moisturizing product spreads silently to consumers.

Another perspective

Diversified dissemination, tell young people in a way they love. Let the target consumers get exclusive discounts in the event, recognize the products in the experience, and identify the brand; gradually deepen the strong association between the LAZBOY brand and the Lazy Festival IP in the interaction. LAZBOY not only establishes the context of "lazy people" culture, but also allows consumers to gain self-identity in activities and regain self-confidence and comfortable lifestyles. This is what they are doing in the "Lazy Day" differentiated marketing. The shrewdness in.

As the nation's first well-known functional sofa, LAZBOY knows that its brand's core strength lies in its in-depth research on ergonomics in the past century, and its products can fit the human body curve and provide more accurate and effective support. Nearly a hundred years of functional product research and development history has enabled LAZBOY to work hard in product design, production technology, and function optimization, and has accumulated a strong brand strength.

In order to allow consumers to enjoy a price-performance ratio that exceeds their psychological expectations, LAZBOY implements comprehensive and strict control from product design, to production quality inspection, to logistics and transportation. On the basis of ensuring product quality, it uses super cost-effective and rich Product categories satisfy consumers in all directions. Accurately controlling every link, LAZBOY Le Zhibao has repeatedly created amazing performance in the accumulation of the six-season "Lazy Day" activities. I believe this is also the market's best recognition of the quality of LAZBOY Le Zhibao products.

Next consideration

The success we have seen is actually "accumulation." In the future, the demand of the home furnishing market will change rapidly, and the competition in the field of functional home furnishing will become more intense. If LAZBOY wants to maintain its advantages, further refinement of users and the use of targeted methods to carry out differentiated marketing will be the focus of their next consideration.

We see that while the sales of optional consumer goods are declining, people are consuming more daily necessities; living room furniture manufacturers in china have seen many market opportunities.

We have also seen that top brands have gained more attention, which means that many small and medium-sized enterprises will face the test of life and death, and most of them will eventually disappear in the long history of industrial changes;

In sharp contrast, the sales of high-end luxury goods have not been affected much. In other words, the class gap in purchasing power is getting wider and wider-even some people, in order to purchase luxury goods, do not hesitate to sacrifice normal consumption, shopping has become a placebo to release the pressure of work and life.