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How to purify air: 4 tips from living room furniture manufacturers in china
Author:Tangshifu Furniture| release time:2020-08-18

In a person's life, 90% of the time is spent at home. The quality of indoor air is closely related to people's health.

Have you ever experienced such a scene…In a newly renovated house, our immunity is always exceptionally poor, and we are often prone to colds, fevers, nausea, and headaches? According to the survey of living room furniture manufacturers in china , many people have similar experiences, which makes them feel bad.

It is not fine

Formaldehyde is the number one culprit causing indoor air pollution. It is colorless, odorless, highly volatile and highly polluted. It has a great impact on human health. It has a strong stimulating effect on human mucous membranes and skin. It is inhaled at high concentrations. Severe respiratory irritation and edema, eye irritation, headache, weakness, insomnia and other symptoms will sometimes occur.

So,how to make the air better? Some tips that we can learn from.


1.Try not to decorate your new house in winter

The temperature in winter is low. When new houses are being decorated, a large number of plates and coatings contain formaldehyde, and the volatilization temperature of formaldehyde is 19℃. The concentration rises 0.4 times for every degree of temperature rise. The average winter temperature is lower and the volatilization of formaldehyde is low.

However, when the temperature rises in spring and summer, the release concentration of formaldehyde will exceed the normal by more than three times. When decorating in winter, because of the colder temperature, the doors and windows are often closed, and formaldehyde will condense in the house with extremely high concentration. If the heating is turned on at home, the volatilization rate of formaldehyde will be accelerated. In a confined space, the probability of formaldehyde poisoning will be greatly increased.

2.Don't get pregnant within 1 year after the new house renovation

The newly renovated house contains formaldehyde, inorganic volatile matter, benzene, radon, ammonia and other substances. If it exceeds the limit, it may affect the fetus, and even cause miscarriage, abnormal fetal development, or stillbirth. Even pregnant women who are pregnant and living in a newly renovated house should pay attention to regular ventilation and avoid closing doors and windows. If necessary, they can also find a professional formaldehyde removal agency to check the formaldehyde content indoors.

3.Place some green plants appropriately in the room

Many green plants have the natural function of purifying the air. Plants such as spider plant, tiger's tail orchid, ivy, aloe vera, green radish, etc. can absorb formaldehyde in the air very well. Place some green plants in every corner of the house. Purifying the air and beautifying the living environment, why not do it? However, there should not be too many green plants in each room. When the night comes and the plants cannot perform photosynthesis, they will produce a lot of carbon dioxide, which will reduce the oxygen content in the air and affect people's sleep quality. Generally speaking, in the room, 1 to 2 pots of flowers and plants per 10 square meters area can achieve the effect of decontamination. Many living room furniture manufacturers in china would like customers to put a few pots of plants for decoration.

4.Buy pure solid wood furniture products

When buying furniture, try to choose pure solid wood furniture. Pure solid wood furniture is generally composed of one or two types of wood. Usually, it is directly assembled with large materials. The amount of glue is small. The structure is mostly tenon and the formaldehyde content is far. Lower than panel furniture, it is the best choice for families to buy furniture.

In design, material selection, production, sales and many other links, Lai's furniture actively integrates the concept of green solid wood home: integrating international design vision, restoring the beauty of solid wood with green design, perfectly integrating aesthetics and practicality, and creating comfort with design , Green solid wood home atmosphere; at the same time, select high-quality native wood from all over the world, and check every layer, so that every piece of noble solid wood shines to match your high-quality life enjoyment.

living room furniture manufacturers in china

Comfortable life

The dining room furniture manufacturers in china always insists on producing green and environmentally friendly pure solid wood furniture, always insists on "making home feel better", always insists on being a solid wood furniture brand that gives consumers peace of mind, and has reached strategic cooperation with well-known stores The partnership has been awarded the title of "Green Leading Brand" by Red Star Macalline for many consecutive years, and has continued to take concrete actions to promote the green and healthy development of the entire furniture industry.

Good wood often brings a very good feeling. This feeling is very helpful for our life and sleep. The warmth of wood responds to the gentle, unobtrusive style of gentleman; the unique texture of wood responds to the traditional humanistic feelings of calm atmosphere and luxury; its rich context may be changeable, or The ups and downs correspond to the rhythm of natural life and the harmonious and smooth sense of belonging.

When you are choosing furniture, you are also bringing comfort and health to your family. The living room furniture manufacturers in china value the customer experience when using the product. At the same time, the quality of the materials is very important.

In addition, you can go to the street to buy some green plants when you have time on weekends, which not only brings fresh air, but also makes us feel comfortable. When you feel tired, you can also say to it, I hope you have a pleasant weekend.