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Home consumption upgrade, domestic home market seeks development
Author:Tangshifu Furniture| release time:2020-03-25

Compared with previous years, the level of household consumption has made a big progress. Its most direct manifestation is the improvement of purchasing power and the pursuit of quality of life. Many foreign homes are better than domestically produced homes in terms of design, craftsmanship, etc. Imported goods have become an important consideration for consumers when purchasing references.

Consumer demand for imported goods continues to increase. If the domestic supply level is insufficient to meet the requirements of today's consumers, then imported goods will effectively compensate for the gap in domestic market supply, thus making consumers' demand for imported goods More intense.

In terms of products, there are certain differences in the brand positioning of domestic and foreign markets and the technical characteristics and performance of products. People in the process of consumption upgrade, the demand for high-quality well-known brands.

However, the import willingness of household and household goods in the domestic market has declined significantly in recent times. In the coming year, most companies plan to maintain the status quo of home building materials imports, while strengthening the development of their own brand products. Among them, ceramic tiles, sanitary ceramics, wooden floors, paints and varnishes have a strong willingness to reduce imports.

In the coming year, most enterprises plan to maintain the status quo of electrical and electronic imports. Only a few enterprises will reduce imported products. It is thus seen that home appliances and electronic products with some core technologies will be more inclined to import products.

The import willingness of the company may be weakened by the demand for some high-quality goods that have been moderately satisfied during the upgrading of the consumption structure, or for this part of the domestic supply. In the past three to five years, domestic enterprises have made some domestically produced household electrical appliances far ahead in the world through technological innovation. Therefore, the demand for imported household electrical appliances has weakened. This is also the rise of domestic industries and the improvement of self-development capabilities. The inevitable result.

From the perspective of the domestic market, China's home construction and decorative materials and home appliances have maintained high growth for several consecutive years since 2010, and the market has been more satisfied. Therefore, the consumption structure upgrade has weakened the demand for imported goods in this respect. .