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Children's furniture purchase avoids minefields and gives children a safe and comfortable space.
Author:Tangshifu Furniture| release time:2020-03-25

In the eyes of various home furnishing enterprises, the children's furniture market is “the target of the public”. In contrast to consumers, as long as it is beneficial to the healthy growth of children, parents are “without spare”. However, in the face of the current complex market environment, the brands are varied and the quality is uneven. These problems will plague the parents.

Then, what aspects do you need to focus on when purchasing children's furniture?

One: security

The self-structure of a piece of furniture is not strong and unreasonable, which directly affects the safety of use. Because children are less aware of their own safety, children's furniture needs to extend the safety factor to a greater extent. Especially in the newly revised "General Technical Conditions for Children's Furniture" in 2017, the requirements are more detailed.

Children's furniture has structural safety problems, and it is easy to cause harm to children if there are defects in the design and process of the product. The structural safety of children's furniture, in addition to some unsafe design of the product itself, has a certain relationship with the later use.

Children are naturally active, love to play, love to climb, lack of understanding of the consequences of behavior, parents do not pay attention, it is easy to cause harm to children.

Second: environmental protection

Another issue that parents are concerned about is environmental protection. Because there is no uniform compliance standard, parents are difficult to identify during the purchase process. Without sufficient professional knowledge, it is easy to be “misleading”. Buying furniture for children is really good for solid wood?

Although solid wood is natural wood, it is painted with plant paint and water-based paint, but it is impossible for children to “zero” damage. The sheet is malleable and easy to shape. Our sheet is mainly made of wood pellets, which has a small amount of glue. After the sheet is edge-sealed, the formaldehyde is not released and can be used with confidence.

This makes it difficult to distinguish, which material is more environmentally friendly? In fact, in terms of sheet metal, the formaldehyde emission control can be safely used within a certain standard. Therefore, when purchasing, you must let the merchant show the relevant inspection certificate.

In the environmental protection factor, parents tend to focus only on formaldehyde emissions, while ignoring other harmful elements that may appear on furniture. China's current "General Technical Conditions for Children's Furniture" provides limited regulations for eight heavy metals such as cadmium, chromium, lead, mercury, antimony, selenium, arsenic and antimony.

However, for consumers, when purchasing children's furniture, it is difficult to judge by these specific figures. By comparison, many consumers think that “the color of the furniture is higher in heavy metal content”, the color and the heavy metal content. There is no direct relationship. Well-known children's furniture brands will be implemented in accordance with national standards in this regard, so consumers should also buy big brands.