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Have you bought any chinese style furniture from living room furniture manufacturers
Author:Tangshifu Furniture| release time:2020-08-31

It is extremely important to choose furniture from the bedroom furniture manufacturers. The quality of the entire home improvement depends on the choice of furniture. Young people and middle-aged people have different aesthetics, and they also have different choices of furniture. Like new Chinese furniture, middle-aged consumers choose more. So what are the characteristics of new Chinese furniture?


  1. 1.New Chinese furniture of bedroom furniture manufacturers incorporates elements of traditional Chinese style, which is also a popular trend now. It has a sense of the times while maintaining traditional elements, has a strong Chinese cultural charm, and is also in line with the contemporary flavor of modern furniture. New 2.Chinese-style furniture can well reflect the simple cultural characteristics of the Chinese nation.
  2. 3.The design of new Chinese furniture has the essence of furniture in Ming and Qing Dynasties. Its classic elements are changed and refined, and new breath is injected, so that it will not be as rigid and solemn as traditional furniture. New Chinese furniture has a unique charm, has changed the disadvantages of traditional furniture, and is accepted by more and more people.
  3. 4.New Chinese-style furniture incorporates ergonomic design. It will not be too horizontal and vertical like traditional furniture. It has a more humane design. It will not look as rigid as traditional furniture. 5.New Chinese-style furniture will be more comfortable to use.

Select furniture

The living room furniture manufacturers provide the following methods to select furniture:

  1. 1.Observe the details. The first thing to look at for solid wood furniture is the scarring of the wood grain, to see if the wood grains on the front and back of the same position are the same and whether there is a certain degree of gloss. Whether the imposition furniture is made in one piece, there is no color difference, the very regular wood is often not pure solid wood. For panel furniture, look at the edge sealing. If the edge sealing is not good, harmful substances will be released.
  2. 2.Touch the surface of the furniture, you can feel the clear and smooth wood grain when you touch the pure solid wood furniture. The touch of leather sofa and imitation leather sofa are different, and the leather of imitation leather sofa is more rough. There are also differences between fabric and cotton and linen sofas. The surface of panel furniture is smooth, and good hardware feels more textured.
  3. 3.Tap to hear the echo. The echo when tapping on solid wood furniture is clear and even, while the echo from composite board furniture is dull and a little hazy.
  4. 4.Looking at the weight, pure solid wood furniture will be heavier than ordinary furniture, and good hardware texture looks better and heavier than ordinary ones.
  5. 5.Look at the material type of the furniture product, whether the environmental protection index is high or not, you can ask the merchant to provide relevant certification when purchasing, and ask related questions such as after-sales service, so as to avoid problems after the purchase and no accountability.
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Nowadays, customized solid wood furniture is loved and loved by more and more owners. High-end, atmospheric, natural, noble, and tasteful. These customized solid wood products bring customers high-quality life enjoyment, but they also need to be customized. Solid wood products take more careful care. The bedroom furniture manufacturers provide some maintenance items for furniture.

  1. 1.After the solid wood custom furniture product is installed, do not rush to use it. The cabinet door should be opened and left unoccupied for 15 to 20 days. At the same time, the window should be opened for ventilation to maintain indoor air circulation to eliminate the residual smell in the paint on the surface of the product.
  2. 2.Place items steadily. Heavier items should be placed at the bottom (layer) of the furniture to prevent the furniture from overturning due to unstable center of gravity. It is not advisable to place heavy objects on the top of the wardrobe, so as not to cause the top plate to sag and deform and affect the opening of the door.
  3. 3.Teach children not to play in glass, mirrors, sharp corners, etc. close to the furniture to avoid accidentally harming the human body or furniture.
  4. 4.Long-term sunlight exposure to furniture should be avoided to avoid local discoloration or fading. Avoid getting close to the air-conditioning and heating outlets, otherwise it will easily cause the solid wood products to crack, deform or fade.
  5. 5.Long-term use of air conditioners and heating equipment or long-term ventilation in dry seasons can easily cause the loss of moisture and shrinkage of the wood. An air humidifier must be used at the same time to ensure that the indoor air is in the normal humidity range.