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Distinguish European furniture from American furniture with furniture manufacturers in china
Author:Tangshifu Furniture| release time:2020-08-31

Do you know? There are many differences between european furniture and American furniture. In order to better distinguish this pair of "home CP", the author will teach you how to correctly distinguish between European style home and American style home.

The author found that in the past National Day promotion, European and American home furnishings stood out among many home furnishing types.

The living room furniture manufacturers think this is a good opportunity.

However, did you know? There are many differences between European style home and American style home. In order to better distinguish this pair of "home CP", the author will teach you how to correctly distinguish between European style home and American style home.


The United States is a country where peoples from all over the world gather, and it has many different regional cultures. Therefore, the American-style furniture of living room furniture manufacturers mostly present inclusive styles and integrate multiple cultural characteristics to become a unique American home. Design culture and compatibility are the biggest characteristics of American home furnishings.

Europe is home to ancient Greece and Rome, the medieval royal family, modern technology and other era civilizations. It is highlighted by the medieval royal civilization. Art and luxury are synonymous with European royal home design. Every detail is fully displayed. Therefore, European style home Most of the styles are elegant and solemn, mainly luxurious art.

American furniture is a collection of major European countries-France, Germany, Italy, Spain, etc., and incorporates the United States' philosophy of advocating freedom and pursuing nature, so its design does not have large areas of carvings and excessive decorations, and likes to "do old"-keep raw materials The appearance, and the casual and comfortable style is very obvious.

Movie "Hoover"

In the movie "Hoover", the furnishings of the Ministry of Justice are typical American neoclassical styles. The neoclassical styles range from simple to complex, from the whole to the details, with meticulous craftsmanship and engraving inlaid with gold, which strongly expresses the traditional history. Traces and strong cultural heritage, while discarding too complicated texture and decoration, fully show tolerance.

As the "big man" of American furniture, European-style furniture is known for its hand-carved and inlaid craftsmanship. Its outline and transitional lines are smooth and symmetrical. Gold-plated copper decorations and imitation leather decorations are commonly used. Brightly colored paints are used to apply on the lacquer surface. The colors are full and rich in texture, with a strong sense of art, which often presents a sense of noble, elegant and solemn style.

The bedroom furniture manufacturers will process these furniture to give it a sense of design.

The multi-cultural American furniture has obvious characteristics of diverse and inclusive styles. Therefore, American furniture has antique style, neoclassical style, country style and simple life style.

European-style furniture can be divided into four types according to different styles and details: European-style classical furniture, European-style neoclassical furniture, European-style pastoral furniture, and simple European-style furniture.

Although the style of American furniture is simple and "old", it still uses solid wood to make the frame of the furniture, and the internal structure is made of all-leather, which looks very textured and extremely comfortable. Therefore, comfort has become one of the key points for distinguishing and choosing American furniture.

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European-style furniture follows the usual noble and elegant style, combining solid wood materials and fabrics, noble and elegant without losing a sense of fashion and livability, and the details of European-style furniture are very meticulous, from wooden carvings to fabric selection and production, fully showing Europe People's ingenuity of excellence, you deserve this luxury.

Generally speaking, the European style of home furnishing tends to be traditional, with delicate and exquisite workmanship. American home style pursues comfort and leisure. Regardless of whether it is for office or home furnishing, all kinds of furniture are more formal and dignified; while the American style has smooth lines and a casual appearance.

However, with the development of home decoration in recent years, European-style furniture and American-style furniture are also interspersed with each other. For example, some English-style furniture incorporates the curvilinear decoration of French furniture and the boldness of American furniture.The living room furniture manufacturers recommends that customers have an understanding of professional introductions.

To buy European furniture or American furniture, a good guide for buying furniture is needed.