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Focus on the health and environmental protection of dining room upholstery furniture
Author:Tangshifu Furniture| release time:2020-10-15

“I chose the dining room upholstery furniture brand recommended by a friend. It is said to be rich in design and color, and the panels are particularly environmentally friendly, but three months have passed since the completion of the house There is still a strange smell." Recently, Mr. Wang, who had just set up a new home, told the author his distress.

A large number of panels

Customization of the whole house is on fire, and the application of a large number of panels has once again invaded people's lives, which have already attracted much attention. Many consumers have encountered different confusions: the board chosen is environmentally friendly. Why is the indoor air quality substandard after installing it at home? Every business says that their products are environmentally friendly. Who should they believe? The dining room upholstery furniture If the board meets the standard, does it mean that the product must be environmentally friendly?

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"Using imported environmental protection panels", "Ensure that furniture products meet environmental protection standards", "Fully comply with national environmental protection standards"… or plausibly, or swallowing dates, in the customized market, businesses are almost certain about the environmental protection of products" Express their views". However, I have to remind consumers that they need to understand several different standards before judging whether they are "environmentally friendly".

A certain area

Just as consumer Mr. Wang said, why does the merchant cite the environmental monitoring report of the board, and it still smells unenvironmentally when it comes to the home? Does the environmental protection of the board represent the environmental protection of the furniture? In this regard, Xu Guozhong, president of the Million Homes Supervision Company Gave the answer. In fact, boards, furniture and indoor air quality correspond to different testing methods and standards.

It is not difficult to understand that a certain area of ​​panels may meet environmental protection standards, and when a piece of furniture uses a large number of dining room upholstery furniture, it may cause excessive formaldehyde, TVOC and other indexes; furthermore, if we take a space of 100 square meters as an example, A palm-sized sheet that emits excessive formaldehyde does not actually have much impact on the air. And if a lot of wardrobes and furniture are made in a space of 30 square meters, even the use of the best boards may cause excessive formaldehyde consequences in the entire space.

Indoor air quality

Consumers who are accustomed to focusing their attention on custom-made furniture panels often overlook some "minutas". In fact, what affects the entire indoor air quality may be in some seemingly inconspicuous places.

Does the material of the edge band meet the standard? Does the chemical composition of the adhesive contain toxic and hazardous substances? Are there hidden dangers in the invisible partitions? It is not difficult to find out if you visit the customized market, those who dare to say that they are "the whole house "Environmental protection" must have worked hard on the corners and corners. Denier's whole house customization is moving from "zero formaldehyde laminate flooring" to "whole house customization zero formaldehyde furniture", using formaldehyde-free MDI adhesives, formaldehyde-free boards and other materials in dining room upholstery furniture.

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