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Choose the solid wood chairs that matches the room
Author:Tangshifu Furniture| release time:2020-09-30

Solid wood chairs are important furniture in home life. The usage rate of solid wood chairs in daily life is very high. So, how can you choose a good solid wood chair? How to match the solid wood chair with the home?

How to match the solid wood chairs and home style

  1. The proportion, shape, color and material of the solid wood chair should conform to the decoration of the room environment and the style of other furniture. Dining tables and dining chairs are usually matched and sold well. Generally speaking, the country style is loved by most people. Checked cloth and small floral cloth are used to make the soft cloth surface of the solid wood chairs, and the wooden frame is matched with wood. There are also versatile tables, which can be matched with various styles of solid wood chairs. Owners with favorites can try to match several different styles of solid wood chairs. The modern interior design style is relatively tolerant, and can be decorated with many classic or trendy designer chairs.
  2. The whole body is simple white, which brings a relaxed mood. The humanized design at the back of the chair enhances the support for the cervical spine and enhances the comfortable experience of the sitting.

How to choose solid wood chairs?

solid wood chair

Most people choose double chairs, most of which are more comfortable. This type of chair can be used in the bedroom. It can lie or lie down, and can also hang clothes. Good leisure mood. When choosing a double chair, there are two considerations: function and material. In terms of function, the double chair can meet the needs of two or three people, depending on the number of family members in the room. Common materials are cloth and leather. The cloth is easy to clean and change, and the surface can be changed with the seasons; the leather solid wood chair can be noble, but not suitable for summer.

The use of space by single chairs is more variable than that of multi-person chairs and sofas with a larger footprint. Due to the different shape of the circle back, the single chair also has different functions in the use of space. If it is used properly, it can reflect the personality of the owner. If it is not used, it will be self-defeating; the high-back single chair is suitable for home use. It conveys a casual and relaxing home atmosphere; chairs with streamlined shapes, strong color contrast and strong visual beauty are very suitable for single nobles or studios; lounge chairs, recliners, and rocking chairs with strong personal styles are suitable for placement in space corners Or balcony, as a mood change station.

The points

  1. Seat height: It should be equal to the length of the calf. After sitting down, the calf will droop naturally and the sole of the foot will fall on the ground. Too high, the calf hanging, too much pressure under the thigh for too long is not good; the seat surface is too low, the thigh can not be placed on the seat surface, the body weight is concentrated on the buttocks, and it will be uncomfortable for a long time.
  2. Seat depth: For solid wood chairs that are mainly used for sitting, the depth of the seat surface should be equal to the length of the thigh. The thighs are not sufficiently supported and uncomfortable.
  3. The material of the solid wood chair: Both should be of "flexible outside and rigid inside"-the bracket should be strong enough, but the surface has an elastic layer of a certain thickness. The material that comes into contact with the human body should be breathable, wear-resistant, dirt-resistant, and not easy to generate static electricity with the human body or clothing.

The selection method of solid wood chairs and the matching method with the home decoration style have made a detailed analysis for everyone. I hope that everyone can master this knowledge to select high-quality solid wood chairs that match the home decoration style.