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What is the main body of the home improvement industry?
Author:Tangshifu Furniture| release time:2020-10-12

Some people outside the home improvement industry say that 95% of home improvement companies will disappear in the next five years in the face of the impact of refined decoration. Some people in the industry say that home improvement companies are not short of traffic. The traffic is only hidden but not in your hands. There will always be market space in the decoration industry. Some people also commented from a pertinent perspective that the difficulty for home improvement companies lies in acquiring customers, closing transactions and delivering. The strong local attributes, heavy services, multiple processes, and long cycles make the development of this industry far lower than most other industries.

The price

The price of main materials has risen, the difficulty in obtaining customers has increased, and the competition among local companies has been fierce. In order to fight for cash flow, home improvement companies have fought a price war, but no one has fallen well. In the past few decades, the increasing flow advantage of the home improvement industry driven by the rapid development of the real estate industry has gradually disappeared. When consumers buy furniture, it is best to follow the guide for buying furniture.

Facing the "re-education" of the market, home improvement practitioners need to conduct a "cold thinking" in time, because the next era will be a new era of re-selection, stimulating user needs, and focusing on user value. In fact, this new era has already arrived.

The turning point has come, the home improvement industry urgently needs a "cold thinking"

From 2010 to 2019, countless home improvement-related startups started in the industry.

On the technical side, there have been design software companies that strengthen the front-end display effect, BIM+ home improvement companies that can improve decoration efficiency, and software service providers that provide factories with customized production solutions; on the platform side, more flagship "empowerment" "Internet platforms, home improvement service platforms that connect workers and owners, and companies that focus on home improvement logistics services, etc.;

On the supply chain side, there have been auxiliary material e-commerce, main material supply chain platforms, and some platform-based supply chain companies focusing on warehousing and distribution. A small number of supply chain logistics companies seem to have emerged; on the service-oriented application side, There have been Internet home improvement companies, soft decoration custom companies, home improvement supervision companies, home improvement aftermarket service-oriented, refurbishment, custom companies, and even "own industrial worker system" and so on…

home improvement industry

Original position

In the past 9 years, the home improvement industry has ushered in many changes. Numerous "newborns" were born one after another, but many new and old players have been removed from the game. In the past few years when countless people broke in happily and countless people left the field reluctantly, several essential changes in the home improvement industry have not changed-most companies rely on marketing to obtain customers, outsourcing decoration services to construction teams, and construction There are many problems in the delivery link and so on.

If the dining room furniture manufacturers in china does not shift the focus from marketing to customer acquisition to create value for users, enhance experience, polish products, etc., in another 5 to 10 years, home improvement companies will either remain the same , Or it will lose its original position.

Large-scale decoration enterprises, large-scale home furnishings, hypermarkets, and large-scale platforms will become the four main bodies of the home decoration industry

If home improvement companies do not make up their minds to transform their service thinking and "remove their lives", there will be other companies to "do it for you." In 2019, facing the intensified impact of hardcover housing and the continued tightening of the upstream real estate market, the life of small and medium-sized home improvement companies will not be easy.

Coupled with the gradual influence exerted by outside invaders in the home improvement industry, the main body of the home improvement industry in the future may have a new possibility. It may no longer be small and medium guerrillas and small and medium home improvement companies, but invaders in these industries.