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What are the techniques for color matching of living room furniture?
Author:Tangshifu Furniture| release time:2020-06-23

The living room is the place where people spend most of their thoughts on furniture decoration. So when it comes to living room decoration, you have to talk about the selection of living room furniture. Among them, color is a very important link. At present, when we use the living room furniture on the market, what color matching techniques can we refer to?

How can the colors of the living room furniture be matched? Whether it is a khaki or khaki fabric sofa, it is very personal with a pillow. The color is calm and heavy. If it is matched with a bright curtain, it will look strange. Therefore, it is best to match the same color system. The style is modern, concise and low-key, which gives Wuhan owners the warmth of decoration in a fast-paced modern city.

Which collocations are worthy of reference? The color matching of the living room mainly depends on the orientation of the living room windows. Generally, the south-facing living room can choose white as the main color, while the west-facing living room uses green as the main color. This is because the south of Feng Shui is a fire in the five elements. In order to ensure the wealth of the south-facing living room, white is the best choice. The west is the gold in the five elements. In order to protect the wealth of the west living room, green is the best choice. And the sunlight in the west of the living room in the west is very strong in the afternoon, so using green can protect people's eyes from the sun.

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In addition, you can refer to this collocation method. The living room furniture configuration mainly includes: sofa, coffee table, combination cabinet and living room accessories. Due to the different orientation of the living room, there are different requirements for the color matching of these furniture. For example, the west-facing living room should use green as the main color to match the color of the sofa, and then decide the style and specifications of the furniture. If the furniture color is not considered before decoration, it will affect the aesthetic performance of the living room space.