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Trends and changes of furniture industry
Author:Tangshifu Furniture| release time:2020-08-13

According to observations, after the major exhibitions started to restart in July, investment promotion activities in the home building materials industry broke out. There were no fewer than 100 events in the past month, and some of the results were good.

Industry insiders believe that living room furniture manufacturers in china are relatively traditional industries that rely heavily on offline experience models. However, in the first half of the year, the expansion of offline outlets of enterprises was almost unanimously suspended, which brought a sense of crisis to the performance and sustainable development of enterprises .

Now that the market has recovered, it means that the number of entrepreneurs looking for business opportunities will gradually increase. It is reasonable for all manufacturers to pin their hopes in the second half of the year.

  From the perspective of the demand side of investment, merchants are actually also happy to see this kind of "rush" situation. A boss said that he has been engaged in the sanitary ware industry for more than 10 years. As retail customers are gradually replaced by the brand's real estate project collection business, the sanitary ware business has become "quite difficult."

Situation has changed

Beginning 2 years ago, living room furniture manufacturers in china have begun to look for custom home furnishing industry, and they have also had contact with more than a dozen brands that they intend to represent, and the investment war in the past two months has provided them with The opportunity to focus on inspection and decision-making.

"The times make heroes, not heroes make times. In the past, the main benefit of real estate dividends, and life was more comfortable. Nowadays, the home furnishing situation has changed drastically. Individual dealers have jumped out of their comfort zone to keep up with trends and changes. It is not a multiple choice question. It's the inevitability of life and death." This is like a second business venture. Leaving the category that has accumulated years of experience and exploring a new trendy category is the most important career decision I have made over the years.

From January to June 2020, the operating income and total profit of the national furniture manufacturing industry fell by 15.0% and 29.9% year-on-year respectively.

living room furniture manufacturers in china

Hardware, ceramic sanitary ware, flooring, home textiles, wooden doors and other categories have fallen into the Red Sea. However, the custom home furnishing industry has been advancing rapidly and bucking the market. With the integration of front-end design and back-end manufacturing, it has further eroded the market space of finished furniture and soft furnishings. Such "uneven hot and cold" between different categories will inevitably lead to a phenomenon-level flow of changing industries and brand agents.

An example

Taking customized home furnishings as an example, the total demand is flowing from finished furniture to customized home furnishings, brands are flowing from small and medium brands to top brands, and products are flowing from a single category to a comprehensive customized category for the whole house.

The living room furniture manufacturers in china are favored by more and more distributors. The former is generally considered to have stronger comprehensive strength, higher risk resistance and more long-term cooperation value.

While the dealers are actively flowing, the so-called "optimizing dealers" behavior of the top manufacturers also brings opportunities and challenges to the dealer group. Especially in the popular custom home furnishing industry, there is a common business exchange and upgrade battle.
The dining room furniture manufacturers is optimizing the original distributors and focusing on the development of new brands"; Sophia "speeds up the optimization of distributors and encourages distributors to open large stores"; Zhibang "takes optimization and transformation of old stores as Focus";

"Optimization" and other related words have become the same wording of CR9 companies.

Service capabilities

  In other words, the threshold for joining and guaranteeing agents in the custom home furnishing industry is accelerating. An unprecedented battle of survival of the fittest is taking place in the dealer system. Brand awareness, sales capabilities, service capabilities, financial strength, store locations, etc. have become assessment indicators.

  Excellent distributors can enter or consolidate the advantageous segmented industry chain, and get more brand choices, advertising support and other factory resources. Merchants with lower grades will have to face the fate of being upgraded, replaced or even switched.

Summary: The left hand is the demand flow of sub-categories driven by the times, and the right hand is the narrowing of opportunities for high-quality agency brands. In this "ice and fire", dealers gradually cultivate their eyes and choose the best. Courage and determination to cultivate an industry deeply.