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To attend a fair of loveseat sofa manufacturers in china
Author:Tangshifu Furniture| release time:2020-09-14

In recent years, with the continuous innovation of artificial intelligence and Internet of Things technologies, the ecological linkage of smart homes has become a boom. Products related to family life have begun to transform and upgrade to intelligence, from a lamp, a socket, a door lock or switch panel, to the TV, washing machine, refrigerator, air conditioner in the home, to the electric rice cooker, smoke machine in the kitchen. Ovens have begun to inject smart genes, but some categories that are closely related to life, such as sofas, beds, bedside tables, and coffee tables, have low levels of intelligence and the slowest progress in intelligence. The loveseat sofa manufacturers in china bring their unique sofas to the market.

In home life, people spend at least 1/3 of their time on a bed or sofa, and the time and frequency of using sofas, beds and other furniture will be much higher than other products. Under the wave of intelligence, the future development trend of smart homes is to upgrade from a single linkage control function to functions such as interconnection and intercommunication between devices, linkage between scenes, and self-learning of smart devices.

Attend a fair

Furniture, as an important part of the smart home scene, is a blank part that has not been opened up in the current smart home. Only by using technology to make the furniture intelligent, enabling it to have networking and intelligent control capabilities, can the full value chain intelligence of smart home be truly realized Transform, realize the mutual linkage of all kinds of equipment and ecology in the home, and truly realize the intelligence of the whole house.

It is precisely based on the profound thinking under this background and the yearning and exploration of home life. As a company that has been cultivating in the furniture industry for many years, Habitat Home takes the initiative to embrace changes and carry out drastic reforms and innovations-for every life in life.

Pieces of furniture give surging vitality, allowing smart furniture to link life, creating a technological and warm home space. The sofas of loveseat sofa manufacturers in china are becoming more technologically advanced.

Smart home

Smart home, as one of the leading industries in the future, has huge development potential. Relevant research data show that 2020-2030 will be the rapid growth stage of China's smart home development. In 2020, the total size of the smart home market is expected to reach US$155 billion (approximately 995.1 billion yuan). From the perspective of the penetration rate of smart homes, the United States is currently 5.8%, Japan is 1.3%, Germany is 1.2%, and China is only 0.9%. There is still much room for improvement. As the last piece of the puzzle to complement the intelligentization of home products, smart furniture has become a hot spot for industrial development and capital pursuit in recent years.

In the next 3-5 years, the smart furniture and smart home industries will enter an explosive period with consumption upgrades, and the development potential of the overall market is immeasurable.

loveseat sofa manufacturers in china

Decoration companies

Based on this era background and the launch of the new strategic deployment of Habitat Home, Habitat Home launched the "Partner Recruitment Plan" to recruit strategic partners from the whole society, whether it is real estate developers, property developers, decoration companies, soft Decoration companies and even individuals have the opportunity to become partners of Habitat Home.

At that time, Habitat Home will empower its partners in an all-round way, providing technical training, on-site guidance, brand promotion, material support, after-sales service, and a series of investment assistance policies, so that partners can master the complete and A mature operation model to cope with the intricate market competition, together with Habitat Home to occupy the smart furniture outlets, and form the ecological chain of future smart furniture.