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The selling point of environmental protection of dining room furniture
Author:Tangshifu Furniture| release time:2020-09-01

For two years, the top-ranking decoration companies were all landlords pushing environmental protection selling points. To this day, environmental protection is still one of the decoration indicators that owners are most concerned about.

It’s just that everyone is not so good to fool around. Whether your things are good or not, can they meet the higher environmental protection standards, you can check it online and you can know it.

Environmental protection

It is found that most of the dining room furniture companies that are effective in promoting environmental protection have a good life.

With the price advantage and the marketing effort, it is easy to circle a group of customers.

After all, most ordinary users do not know whether the decoration is environmentally friendly or not, and what standards are considered environmentally friendly.

Those who can still play environmental protection cards are generally quite good, so they dare to take this as the core.

Most decoration companies have not regarded environmental protection as their core selling point.

The main environmental protection brand is still competitive. Most owners prefer environmental protection and safety. Environmental protection has risen to the level of rigid demand.

But it should be noted that it is not that you are very environmentally friendly. Everyone is willing to buy your dining room furniture.It must also be combined with design, delivery efficiency and other indicators.


From building materials to tableware, to storage artifacts, environmentally friendly products are growing rapidly.

The consumption of environmentally friendly furniture and building materials rose by 51%, and more than 55% were born in the post-85s and post-90s; energy-saving LED lamps increased by over 50% year-on-year.

Cconsumers are becoming more environmentally aware, whether they are buying decoration materials or choosing a decoration company, they all value environmental protection.

Very sensitive to pollutants, some professional consumers will also check your environmental standards. Some owners will check the indoor air quality after finishing the renovation.

This trend will only become stronger. Among the post-80s and post-90s, the proportion of owners with richer knowledge continues to increase, and more environmental protection needs will be raised in the future.

dining room furniture


If you do not do well, the buyer may complain and ask the media to report it, and the more serious ones will demand compensation from the decoration company.

Your environmental protection is better than others, especially if you can convince buyers that you are doing better.

Then it means that buyers may choose your living room furniture brand. In peer comparison, this is a plus.

Under the dining room furniture company, there is also a decoration company, which focuses on the selling point of "24-hour check-in", and emphasizes environmental protection in many places in the promotion.

However, no more environmental protection implementation mechanisms were found on the official website.

The trust

Decoration has no unique emphasis on environmental protection, but among several core advantages, it emphasizes children-level environmental protection home decoration.

Gold Mantis’s family showcased its environmentally friendly materials, such as Dufang’s water-based paint and Mengtian wooden doors.

However, it should be noted that now you are simply shouting environmental slogans, such as boringly promoting how environmentally friendly you are, but without convincing evidence, it is certainly difficult to impress most owners.

What evidence do you want? For example, what is your environmental protection model? How to land and what guarantees are there?

What environmental protection materials are used, what standards, what institutions give the test, whether there is air testing, air purification, etc., what standards can ultimately be achieved.

It must be refined, data-based, and a compensation mechanism, such as compensation for environmental protection failures.

Solve the buyer's trust problem, naturally there will be competitiveness. If the buyer is not convinced, it makes little sense.

It should be noted that simply talking about environmental protection is not enough.

Environmental protection is required, the appearance must be high, and the price must not be too expensive.

If you are in the middle-class market, you must have all of these. If you are in the high-end market, price is less important.