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The road of "big home" in the home industry, Ren Zhizhi
Author:Tangshifu Furniture| release time:2020-02-25

In recent years, the home furnishing industry has been affected by the overall external market and is constantly in the process of “breaking and reshaping”. Finished products to custom, e-commerce to new retail and more. In the face of the consumption trend of “big home”, is the living environment of dealer stores further squeezed? So what exactly is the "big home" in the true sense? Is there enough product variety?

The concept of big home is a necessary product for the development of furniture enterprises. The single product is integrated and upgraded according to the overall household demand. It covers almost all kinds of furniture, from all kinds of furniture, to various soft materials such as tiles, floors, ceilings, sanitary wares, etc., in fact, it is to supplement the integrity of the previous “full house customization”. "Veritable." It is also a one-stop service model that provides consumers with convenience, efficiency and peace of mind.

The industry consensus is that big home is the trend of the future development of the industry, and it is a cross-industry integration upgrade in line with consumer orientation.

From the inside of the enterprise, there are many large household items, and there is no standard for the first time in the industry. At the same time, there are many intermediate links in the management of the enterprise, and the process is complex. The resource integration and operation management capabilities of the company headquarters and distributors are all No small test. At present, no company can truly cover all the categories of household products, and it is a very good start to integrate several of them.

The problem of home improvement consumption has always been a problem that consumers are more concerned about. The one-stop time and effort of “big home” is still the quality of the single product and the advantage of playing the space. At this stage, "big home" is in the stage of starting and trial-and-error. Integrating multi-party resources and systems to complete docking still needs a process. Instead, it focuses on single-category categories, and is more specialized and more valuable in market production. More perfect, master the marketing strategy to adapt to the pulse of the market, and bring more practical and objective profit space for home practitioners.

In the current market environment of the home industry, the growth of categories does not satisfy consumers' individual needs for product quality, styling and style. The homogenization is serious, and products without obvious brand recognition will only make it more difficult for consumers to purchase. Therefore, focusing on a single category actually has a market advantage, and in this process, increasing product added value and enhancing product identification can create more market space for the brand.

With the rise of the “new generation” of consumer power, companies will also change in response to the market, and the market orientation will change. Home furnishing companies are also constantly seeking new "growth points." To make the big home truly like an "ecological circle" structure, this is the ultimate goal and a very common task. How to ensure the product quality and service quality are not affected, is the biggest difficulty facing the big home. Secondly, the high management and operation costs have also discouraged many home furnishing companies.