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The prospect of opening a dining furniture store
Author:Tangshifu Furniture| release time:2020-09-01

Someone asked, what is the prospect of opening a furniture store?

Regarding this problem, the author has a suggestion that first find customers, have resources and channels, and then think about opening a store. If you start from scratch, start from scratch, and don't have much funds, the suggestion is to forget it, don't open it.

Furniture store

When you have resources on hand, or your ability to acquire customers is very strong, you have to consider the direction in advance when opening a furniture store, and what kind of dining room furniture to sell.

  1. 1.What furniture store do you open for custom furniture? Customization of certain cabinet products such as wardrobes, cabinets, shoe cabinets, TV cabinets, bedside tables, bookcases, etc., or whole-house customization, such as whole-house cabinets, such as whole-house cabinets with some other soft furnishings.
  2. Opening a finished furniture store means selling standardized dining room furniture, such as dining tables and chairs, sofas, coffee tables, beds, mattresses, etc. There are many categories of these furniture. Just one or two categories can open a large-scale furniture store. This kind of store now generally thinks of ways to integrate with customization, and also considers to display according to the home scene.
  3. 2.To be a single-product hot-selling store is to focus on certain cost-effective products, taking the hot-selling route, and making them less and more refined. This kind of physical store is very difficult to do, and online stores are still possible. On e-commerce platforms such as 3.We can still see many successful players who have hit single-product items.
  4. 4.Open a multi-category store, or a large store with complete furniture in the whole house. Generally, the store has a relatively large operating area, so you can open this kind of store with complete furniture. This kind of store has very high requirements for funds and team capabilities, and has not low requirements for the scene matching of the store, and it is required to create a home-themed atmosphere.


The author believes that there are opportunities in the above-mentioned aspects, but it is not certain whether the opportunities belong to you. It is necessary to consider the business direction according to its own capabilities and resources. Rather than just looking at the product direction and industry trends.

After considering the above issues, one thing to decide is whether you want to represent a first-line furniture brand and then open a specialty store, or whether you want to represent a second-tier or third-tier small and medium-sized brand. Open the market, can you make money?

The author’s suggestion is that there is no need to just focus on big brands. You can find some local superior brands with good growth, good management team, guaranteed delivery, and advantageous cooperation policies. For merchants with limited financial capacity, it is more suitable for some.

dining room furniture

Growth rate

Some people think that the market is too bad. There are no customers in many stores, and the business is so bad that there are many dealers who have closed stores and switched stores, and the bedroom furniture business can’t go away. In fact, let’s look at a few more to find out if it is good or bad. The situation is not as bad as we thought. Lao Deng has seen a few stores this year. Some have poor business, while others can still do business. It does not mean that everyone has no meat.

good or bad. The situation is not as bad as we thought. Lao Deng has seen a few stores this year. Some have poor business, while others can still do business. It does not mean that everyone has no meat.


From the overall situation of the industry, the author believes that the current market space of the furniture industry is still relatively large, and the prospects will not be bad. Of course, the entire industry cannot speak of substantial growth, and the growth rate has declined compared with previous years, but the overall scale of the industry has risen every year, more or less still growing.

Looking at the situation in the first half of 2019, the retail sales of furniture products was 89.6 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 5.7%. Looking at July alone, furniture retail sales also reached 16.3 billion yuan, an increase of 6.3% year-on-year. More or less there is growth. This is only retail sales, not included in the B-end purchases.

However, if we look at those companies that have closed down at a loss, we will feel that life is not easy. After all, many small and medium-sized dining room furniture companies have withdrawn from the market, and many of them have lost money. . But when we look at those that are growing, we feel that the situation is still promising.