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The modern style dining room furniture for young people
Author:Tangshifu Furniture| release time:2020-08-31

The modern minimalist style is the favorite of most young people. This style is characterized by its practicality, simplicity and clarity. Pay attention to function first and form subordinate to function. Therefore, when designing, it takes up space and does not have much practical value. It can save or save, and use simplicity as the keynote to reduce waste.

Modern minimalist style dining room furniture not only pays attention to functionality and practicality, but also reflects the personality and exquisiteness of life in this industrialized modern society, which is particularly in line with the life attitude of modern people, especially young people And taste.


Simplicity is not the same as simplicity. Simplicity is a simple, open and ethereal beauty that saves materials while maintaining the space and taste of the room. Try to ensure a simple and transparent building structure. A transparent and open space can give people a relaxed, spacious and comfortable feeling, and can also maintain space circulation.

The characteristics of modern and simple style: indoor walls, floors, ceilings, furnishings and even lamps are all characterized by simple shapes, pure textures, and fine craftsmanship.

The dining room furniture Features: The furniture emphasizes functional design, simple and smooth design lines, and strong color contrast. Extensive use of new materials such as stainless steel and tempered glass as auxiliary materials is also a common decorative technique for modern style furniture, which can give people an unfettered and advanced artistic conception. Because the lines are simple and the decorative elements are few, simple furniture in modern and simple style needs suitable soft decoration for decoration. For example, a dining table needs a tablecloth, a sofa needs a cushion, and a bed needs curtains and bed sheets to make it beautiful. The soft furnishings are the key to modern minimalist style furniture decoration.

dining room furniture

Modern style

Modern minimalist style accessories features: simple lines, unique designs, often extremely creative and individual.

Modern and simple style color matching: the illusion that colors are about to jump out. Pure yellow, apple green, red, dark blue and other high-purity colors are used in large quantities, flexible and bold, not only to follow the modern and simple style, but also to show individuality.

As people pay more and more attention to the living room, the design of bedroom furniture has become more diverse! In terms of usage, the current balcony can be divided into two types: living balcony and leisure balcony. Although the design style and use function of the balcony have increased, the storage function has always been the same function of the balcony. Many owners will install wall cabinets on the balcony to improve the storage capacity of the balcony! So, what material is good for the balcony wall cabinet?

Of course, the storage space at home is getting better and better. Installing a wall cabinet on the balcony has the biggest advantage of expanding the storage space! Although the balcony area is small, the wall cabinet is suspended in the air and does not take up floor space. The wall cabinet is installed well and has a certain decorative effect! Especially for living balconies, installing wall cabinets can store all washing appliances in it, and the benefits are self-evident!

Balcony wall cabinet

There are certain standards for the size of the balcony wall cabinet, such as depth and height, and it cannot be too shallow, so it cannot be stored; it cannot be too deep, otherwise the shape is not beautiful. If you want to take into account the fashionable and novel shape while achieving storage, let's take a look at the depth and size requirements of the balcony wall cabinet! The depth of the balcony wall cabinet is generally about 30cm to 45cm. Different styles may need to match the wall cabinets of different depths, sometimes for styling needs, but basically this depth is too deviated and unscientific. The height of the wall cabinet is about 50cm to 60cm, and the width of the interval between the wall cabinets is not more than 70cm. The dining room furniture should match the balcony.

Unlike other indoor spaces, the balcony is exposed to the outdoors. If it is an unclosed balcony, it is an open space; even if it is a closed balcony, it is also a semi-open space. Such a space will inevitably experience wind and sun, so the choice of materials should be special. The best material for the wall cabinet is moisture-proof board, because it may be exposed to direct sunlight on the balcony, and occasionally it may be attacked by rain, so the moisture-proof board can make your wall cabinet last longer. Common materials for balcony wall cabinets include artificial board, coniferous plywood, melamine board, and particleboard of various densities.

As for what materials are good for balcony wall cabinets, I will introduce you here. I hope to help you all! Many balconies will install wall cabinets, especially living balconies. After installing the wall cabinets, storage is much more convenient!