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The healthy economy and furniture market
Author:Tangshifu Furniture| release time:2020-08-10

We turned our eyes from the world outside the window to the inside of the house, and a proposition related to home health was placed in front of everyone.

Therefore, we have been able to see how this traditional home furnishing brand can change under the new situation, use digital power to innovate and break through, and further meet the needs of users, and become a content marketing model for a special period.

A story

A father who doesn't usually have much time to spend time with his twin daughters can finally spend more time with his children during this special period. He would take off his coat and hang it on the drying rack every time he got home because he was inevitably going out.

Because this is a healthy sterilization product, this action can easily solve the worries of fathers accompanying children.

This conference was created during a special period based on the needs of users for a healthy home life. In the press conference, the living room furniture manufacturers in china introduced healthy home solutions for the four scenarios of balcony, bathroom, living room, and bedroom, and also recommended Aoxin Yuba, Light Smart Yuba, Smart Clothes Dryer, Fan Light , One-way fresh air system, six new products.

This kind of scene-building and down-to-earth press conference content itself is based on the needs of users for a healthy home life in a special period, and the provision of this solution is also the goal of the dining room furniture manufacturers in china.

When the situation of the COVID-19 pandemic took a turn for the worse, the manufacturer officially launched the "Guardian Health, Guardian Home" action. This action falls on the two levels of social responsibility and users.

Health care

Health care is not limited to the front-line medical battlefield, but also includes the offline physical industry. For dealers, this is obviously a difficult early spring. To this end, Aopu announced in March that it will provide 100 million operating guarantee loans to the company's dealers.

The online wave of the life service industry has brought us imagination. The role of digital life in maintaining the normal operation of the national economy has been highlighted during the epidemic, which has also caused people to frequently pay attention to the power of digitalization. Similarly, for Aopu, this special press conference is another practice that has been accomplished through the use of digital power.

With the help of online methods such as live broadcast and video, this conference greatly breaks the limitations of time and space and can reach different groups of people in the largest range.

For example, in the past offline conferences, only Aopu's agents can participate, and those first-line shopping guides who are in direct contact with users cannot participate, which increases a part of the high cost of shopping guide training manpower and time.

The most important point of the digital conference is that the corresponding demanders are covered indiscriminately. Whether it is an agent or a first-line shopping guide, through a device and a network, the first-hand information of the press conference can be synchronously received, especially for the latter, the content of the press conference can be a model reference for users to plant grass.

Digital marketing

For living room furniture manufacturers in china, this digital marketing does not exist in isolation. Whether it is a brand live broadcast or a digital conference, this traditional home furnishing brand is building a complete digital marketing closed loop.

Turning the time back to the end of last month, on February 29th, CEO Wu Xingjie and well-known racing driver Liu Zexuan opened a cross-border live broadcast. In this live broadcast, Wu Xingjie, as an industry expert, answered questions about Liu Zexuan's home design.

Whether it is his own product experience in the digital press conference, the introduction of Douyin celebrities, or the sharing of friends in the live event, it is obvious that in essence, they are all further awakening needs that may be ignored by users by setting up scenarios.

As a consumer, this is a rare opportunity to receive first-hand concrete information in the blunt offline shopping guide introduction or online graphic information. Freshness is on the one hand, and on the other hand, it can maximize the brand’s affinity and reduce The divide between consumers.

In the digital marketing strategy, grasping this wave of public domain traffic dividends, and by introducing celebrities, grafting its own influence, and by setting up scenarios, two-pronged planting of users is the fundamental brand logic.

living room furniture manufacturers in china

In this process, the service of users has actually been empowered through content invisibly.

Provide different solutions

Recommend to more people the scientific and healthy home life plan, which is also the significance of Aopu's digital marketing.In the digital conference, disease control experts were introduced to give advice on healthy living. This is because the user’s family structure is different, and the living area is different, and the product portfolio can provide different solutions and needs. Therefore, digital marketing provides scenario-based solutions to educate users about healthy home life through scientific content. This is a brand The mission and value of the company.

At the same time, increase production capacity to meet the order needs of other high-quality customers; use various platforms and exhibitions to actively explore other customers; continue to increase R&D investment and enhance product core competitiveness.

Objectively speaking, the market space of dining room furniture manufacturers in china may be expanded. There are many places where bamboo products can be used at home. The consumption habits are very mature. In addition, bamboo products feel environmentally friendly and simple. The market is still Widespread.

If you want to go to the next level, you need to upgrade the product design and appearance, and work hard on durability. At the same time, this industry needs the emergence of well-known brands to further enhance market recognition