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The furniture service of bedroom furniture manufacturers in china
Author:Tangshifu Furniture| release time:2020-09-16

On the service front, companies that generally want to expand their business are very hardworking.

We all know that the service is better and the evaluation is generally better. But the question is, how to grasp this "good" level, what level is considered good, and what kind of service can most impress your customers?

The furniture service

The bedroom furniture manufacturers in china believes that an ideal state is that under the premise of understanding customer needs, it is necessary to meet customer service needs, such as a better service attitude, fast service efficiency, etc., while being just right Provide some value-added services.

Moreover, after adding new service content and improving service efficiency, whether the ability to retain customers has improved, whether user evaluation has improved, and effective services are good services.

General directions

According to the author’s statistics, most companies use their knives in this aspect of service, and there are only a few general directions: 1) Improve service methods, such as introducing some service tools; 2) Increase service content, such as providing financial services; 3) Improve service efficiency, such as It is required to respond to customer needs from the previous 30 minutes to 3 minutes; 4) Add some free services, return and exchange services, etc.

As a manufacturer of mahogany
bedroom furniture manufacturers in china , they are all thinking of ways to improve their services. The practice is to provide financial services, which are basically loans; at the same time, they promote free delivery and consumers are not satisfied with barrier-free Return and exchange etc.

The services of businesses sometimes vary greatly, so you can refer to the guide for buying furniture when choosing bedroom furniture.

bedroom furniture manufacturers in china

Final result

Objectively speaking, this free shipping is not very attractive, and most first- and second-tier brands can do it. There are many ways to refer to barrier-free returns and exchanges. If you go through the service manuals of merchants or read their promotional materials, more than 80% of them emphasize barrier-free returns.

However, there are not many that can really implement barrier-free, and there are often disputes and wrangling.

It’s hard to find that manufacturers of ceramic tiles have begun to consider providing tile paving renderings. The final result depends on whether the shopping guide or in-store designer in the store can make the renderings more beautiful.

According to public reports, Jingxing Decoration General Manager Jiang Hong revealed that the materials have been fully upgraded and the products used have been adjusted to first-line brands. Pay attention to the details, such as the kitchen and bathroom wall tiles using the direct paste mortar process, and the lifetime warranty.