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The difficulty of recliner sofa manufacturers in china
Author:Tangshifu Furniture| release time:2020-10-20

The difficulty of leisure sofa manufacturers in china in china. Like a cluster of nebula between two stars, the traditional Chinese home furnishing industry is destined to be in the huge gap between the new era and the old model Being completely shredded:

A designer who desires to realize individuality and creativity but becomes a vassal of the manufacturer. There is no shortage of excellent designers in China, especially after the revival of oriental aesthetics and the rise of the younger generation, a group of young, stylized and creative designers have emerged in the industry, but now most of them have become vassals of manufacturers.

Recliner sofa

It is difficult for products to iterate and profitable recliner sofa manufacturers are increasingly difficult. With the increasing reliance on terminal promotions and the increasing production costs year by year, it is well known that the life of manufacturers is getting worse, but the bigger problem facing manufacturers is that they cannot achieve product iteration through innovation.

They desire product innovation to achieve differentiated competition and increase gross profit, but they have to choose to produce the most mediocre popular products to eliminate the high inventory risk caused by insufficient orders in downstream channels. This can be called the manufacturer's product innovation paradox.

Channel vendors facing the crisis of de-intermediation in the industry chain. Since e-commerce has been rampant all over the world, it has become a mainstream trend in various industries to achieve flattening of the industrial chain by removing intermediate links to improve industrial operating efficiency and reduce terminal product prices.

leisure sofa manufacturers in china

Retail format

Compared with other consumer goods industries such as daily chemicals and clothing, distributors in the home furnishing industry also have to perform more functions such as delivery, installation, and after-sales services in addition to shopping mall public relations and terminal operations. With the rise of the home retail format , home furnishing distributors will eventually face severe role transformation challenges and even survival threats.

Home furnishing stores with increasingly exhausted traffic under the traditional commercial real estate model. The traditional business model of home furnishing stores has actually played another role as a middleman in the traditional industrial chain. A series of costs such as high rents, entry fees, and promotional fees are eventually converted into product premiums by manufacturers and distributors and passed on to consumption. By.

Customers whose compromises have increased across the board. Compromises in various industrial chain links eventually accumulate into a comprehensive customer compromise, including what you may see in home furnishing stores may be the same popular products (personalized compromise), and you must go to remote home furnishing stores over and over again if you want to buy a home (convenience compromise).

Designers who are eager to realize ideas but lack industrial resources, leisure sofa manufacturers in chinas who are good at producing professional categories but are eager to integrate into the overall solution .Distributors who are eager to get rid of the identity of middlemen and seek role transformation The traditional home furnishing stores that have fallen into the predicament of not promoting and not selling and the customers who have intensified consumer compromises together constitute the current seemingly stable but surging home furnishing industry.