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The classical furniture of upholstery furniture manufacturers
Author:Tangshifu Furniture| release time:2020-09-27

In our life, furniture is a very important part. Among them, classical furniture is a type that many people like very much. So, friends, do you know what types of classical furniture are there? Let us understand this problem together. .


Classical furniture

   Dongmao Mansion Redwood pointed out that classical furniture refers to furniture with a more classical style, mostly in the style of the Ming and Qing dynasties. Classical furniture is divided into two categories, one is the old-style furniture with collection value; the other is the imitation of Ming and Qing-style furniture, this period is the peak of traditional Chinese furniture production. The imitation of Ming and Qing furniture is the furniture produced and sold by modern skilled workers who have inherited the furniture production process since the Ming and Qing Dynasties. The upholstery furniture manufacturers For such furniture, there is no specific marketing strategy.

Types of classical furniture

  Dong Maofu Mahogany proposed that classical furniture is mainly divided into two categories:

   1. Valuable old-style furniture mainly refers to the furniture made during the four to five hundred years from the Ming Dynasty to the Qing Dynasty. This period is the peak of traditional Chinese furniture making. This part of the furniture already has cultural relic value, so it is expensive. Because of the scarcity of raw materials, there are fewer and fewer old furniture purchased from the private sector, and one piece is sold for less. Therefore, old-style furniture only rises.

  2. Imitated Ming and Qing furniture, which is produced and sold by modern skilled workers who have inherited the furniture manufacturing process since the Ming and Qing Dynasties. However, such classical furniture is also made of good materials, so the price is very expensive.

Other points

When buying imitation classical furniture, you must distinguish between rosewood or wenge, rosewood or rosewood, all of which are very particular. If a piece of classic furniture is marked as rosewood or red sandalwood, but the price is very cheap, it must not be true. If the price is true, it depends on the specific material, because each material is also divided into high, medium and low grade.

For example, there are more than a dozen kinds of red sandalwood, and the price of 1 cubic meter ranges from several thousand yuan to over 100,000 yuan. Therefore, as a non-professional consumer, it is difficult to distinguish it. This requires consumers to purchase Buy from reputab upholstery furniture manufacturers and stores.

If you are interested in an expensive piece of classical furniture, you should also find someone who knows how to go with it. When purchasing, carefully check every appearance and detail of the furniture, such as whether the feet of classic furniture are stable and level; the tightness of the tenon joints, check whether there are traces of insects; whether the drawer sliding door switches are flexible; joints The wood grain is not smooth and so on.

A common misunderstanding

   A common misunderstanding of the value of furniture is that its value depends on the wood. Many collectors believe that as long as the furniture is made of huanghuali and red sandalwood, it can be bought no matter how expensive it is. This is a typical "material only theory". In fact, for furniture, wood is only an artistic carrier, like plaster for sculpture and paper for painting. No matter how good the paper, if you use it to write a vulgar word, it is just a piece of waste paper. Furniture that does not have an artistic level can only stay at the use level, and does not have the potential for appreciation of artwork.

   At present, Hainan, the only country that produces huanghuali in China, is basically in a state of exhaustion. Many people even dig out the roots of huanghuali in order to make huge profits. A large amount of precious wood is facing exhaustion, but the market is full of antique furniture made of precious wood. Most of them do not have any artistic modeling or craftsmanship. They can only be purchased as materials without any collection value.