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The Changes In Dining Room Furniture Retail
Author:Tangshifu Furniture| release time:2020-09-02

The rise of online retail in the PC era has formed a competitive relationship with offline retail, which is a new competition for dining room furniture formed by the rise of new species.

With the rise of e-commerce in the mobile Internet era, PC e-commerce has evolved to online retail in the mobile Internet era. Online and offline have opened the path of evolution and integration in the era of "experience complementarity and efficiency convergence".

Recent years

In recent years, many people have used the reconstruction of "people, goods, and markets" to define today's new retail. However, this statement started with online e-commerce companies and stood from the standpoint of online companies. In the future, using this concept can be a good interpretation of their changes, but for the retail changes in offline stores, it cannot well reflect the fundamentals and context of the offline retail changes. Therefore, I choose space, time, and user concepts to define new changes, which may be more in line with the actual state of dining room furniture.

Limited boundaries and fixed places, but today, this concept of space is greatly extended. As long as the mobile phone is in hand, the experience space and display space are everywhere. The physical space still exists, but it is integrated with the infinite "movable" virtual space. Product display and experience become "new space", and the original field becomes the ubiquitous and accessible scenes. , Physical scene or virtual scene.

dining room furniture

In the past

Let’s talk about time. In the past, stores had a fixed time for business. The transactions between merchants and users were usually carried out within a certain time range. Today, the time limit has been broken. This limit can no longer be defined in 24 hours, but called nothing. Not always.

Due to the continuous expansion of time, space, and users, it far surpasses the categories and attributes defined or formed in the past, so that the three cannot be completely separated, but virtualized as a whole. It requires a unified understanding. Explain the state of the store today.

If the living room furniture sets merchants do today's business according to their past understanding of the store, they will definitely not be able to do it. Because the store is not just a store in the traditional sense, it is not a change in the human goods store, but an integrated extension of time, space and users, a new store that combines virtual and real.

Offline shopping

In the past, the home furnishing industry was a real offline shopping mall, and it was a scene display place for home furnishing products. Therefore, it is often said that we are a rent collection captain, but in the new retail era, we have become the last hope to solve a series of operational problems such as accurate traffic acquisition, user data precipitation and insight, new product development, channel management, and performance management. Super hero Captain Marvel! "

"Because we transformed the original offline shopping mall into a super traffic field. Where is the super traffic field?"

"Compared with offline shopping malls, the core feature of the super traffic field is hyper-connection. The evolved super traffic field can be called a super connector, which connects various characters (people), various contents (goods), and various Scenes (fields); connect the data, technology, products, commodities, content, media, operations and other ecosystems; connect all media and scene touchpoints."

In other words

In other words, the dining room furniture company not only redefines itself according to the changes in the new situation, this store is no longer the other store, but a new store, the new store combines the extended time and space Various elements such as traffic, traffic, etc. form a user-centric traffic field. At the same time, Red Star Macalline has specially created a new home smart marketing platform IMP to create a new system for operating the entire traffic field.

This system has not only changed The original role of the rent collection team is also deeply involved in the user operation of the traffic market, not only serving the store itself, but also serving the industry. This is what I often say, platform-based companies need to build infrastructure for the industry, and the operation of the traffic field is a new kind of infrastructure.