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Some points for designing the cloakroom
Author:Tangshifu Furniture| release time:2020-10-10

Customized furniture has gradually become the first choice for modern urbanites. It not only meets consumers' individual consumption needs, but also makes full use of the home space to bring consumers more home convenience. As a major product of customized furniture, cloakrooms are designed to be damp and disorderly storage. What points should be paid attention to when designing the cloakroom?

1.Consider the environment

As the saying goes: There is no best in the world, only the most suitable. Before deciding to design a walk-in cloakroom, the homeowner should analyze whether its external environment is suitable for a walk-in dressing room, such as whether there is a road in the room, whether the balcony is double-layered, and whether there is between the balcony and the room Door and other issues.

2. Reasonable partitioning is extremely important

Because the wall cabinets in the walk-in cloakroom design are mostly open, all the clothes are exposed outside, which is easy to be messy and messy. Therefore, the editor reminds that the design of walk-in cloakroom should be reasonably divided. You can fully analyze the size of the objects placed before the partition, and which are commonly used, which are spares, who is suitable for placing on it, and who It is suitable to be placed below, whether it is convenient to place and take, and so on, and then based on these analyses, create a segmentation diagram of the object shelf.

3.Avoid moisture in the wardrobe

Most architectural design concepts place the storage room close to the kitchen and bathroom, at least one wall is like this. If the homeowner’s storage cabinet falls into this category, the moisture-proof problem becomes particularly important. It is recommended to waterproof the neighboring bathroom or kitchen first, and then put some moisture-proofing agent in the kitchen during use.

4.Purchase high-quality hardware

When designing the cloakroom, these hardwares are an important part of ensuring quality. If only the pictures are cheap for a while, it will cause trouble for future maintenance. Design a seat or telescopic rod in the dressing room, which can be sat and hung when changing clothes, which is convenient and quick.

Although customized furniture has many advantages, the biggest problem is that it is not easy to return or exchange products once the customization is completed. Therefore, when consumers purchase customized furniture, they must consider perfection in the design process to avoid problems such as size inconsistency.

ith the improvement of people's living standards, the understanding of household products has also reached a higher level, so custom wardrobes have increasingly become an essential part of modern home decoration. As the overall wardrobe can be tailor-made, and has the characteristics of environmental protection, fashion, and professionalism, it is destined to become a hot spot for family wardrobe consumption in the future. Therefore, you must be cautious when choosing a custom wardrobe. Choose a big brand so that you can really choose a wardrobe that you are satisfied with and have quality assurance.

5.Starts with design

The company starts with design software, dealer management system, ERP system, production process control MES system, B2B supporting platform, and service sharing system. Create an efficient production model of automation and robots, and establish an efficient management system for service dealers and users, saving production labor and sales, design, and service labor, greatly increasing per capita output value, and giving benefits to users to achieve quality Good price and good price. In the future, the company will continue to increase investment in informatization, focus on the customized home furnishing industry, focus on the application of new materials and service innovation, and become an excellent brand of board fashion home furnishings. It will take 3-5 years to build an industrial Internet big data company and become a customized brand in China. China truly realizes a brand with better quality and better price.