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Some examples of customed furniture
Author:Tangshifu Furniture| release time:2020-08-03

Product is the core of competition of living room furniture manufacturers.If the custom home furnishing industry wants to gain a foothold in the market and maintain its vitality, it must be based on products. Consumers will favor your brand only if the product quality is guaranteed. Therefore, for customized home furnishing companies, they must take off their gorgeous coats and return to the core of the product.

Build a national and regional brand

In order to build a national and regional brand, many cabinet companies are aggressively implementing new market strategies, such as choosing to make efforts in research and development of new products, product innovation, renewed corporate image, unification of specialty stores, and upgrading of experience halls.

Of course, the cruel competition in the market is not just for the custom home furnishing industry, but the entire building materials industry has encountered unprecedented confusion and depression. What should a company that does not have natural beauty do? In an era when "makeup" is not advocated, I am afraid that it will cost more to "face up" its products.
The consumption habits of young people nowadays are quite different from those born in the 1980s. They are more frank and direct, with distinctpersonalities. When buying products, they will look at the "face" first. How superior they are, the easier it is to attract them.

living room furniture manufacturers

The essence of the product is to meet the demand. The user uses the new product because the new experience brought by the new product is far greater than the old experience after deducting the replacement cost. The vision is the first impression of the product experience. The product of dining room furniture manufacturers in china should leave a deep

Impression on the user Impression, good-looking is the first step.Almost every Apple product is pleasing to the eye. Looking at everyone’s pursuit of iPhone, we can know how important beauty is to the product.Good products must meet the three conditions: strong demand, micro innovation, and high added value.

China's tea market is huge. At present, China's overall tea market is 300 billion yuan, and the new tea market capacity is about 100 billion yuan. In the context of consumption upgrades, not only traditional tea companies want to share the new tea market, but also traditional milk tea shops have also upgraded and transformed into new tea drinks. Hey tea is the leading brand among them.

Micro-innovation, all product raw materials are upgraded and healthier. The tea base is freshly brewed with tea leaves, and each tea bag is used only once (fast turnover and better taste); fresh fruits are guaranteed, and the milk cover is fresh milk and cream.Through the two dimensions of taste and aroma to create a multi-level sense of memory, even if the same milk tea, it also strives to have a different layering of the first fragrance and the last fragrance. In addition, it is the first to create a cheese milk cover, which is fused with natural tea fragrance, supplemented by seasonal materials, and developed new products "Cheese Strawberry" and "Cheese Peach Peach".

High value-added, through the micro-innovation of the product, coupled with the product name through the stage name to attract attention (Lvsi, Jinfeng), so that Xicha directly raised the industry standard, in 2016-2017 In 2015, Hey Tea formed a clear quality potential tea with similar competing products, and quickly formed a brand leading potential. When similar products are in the price range below 20 yuan, the price range of Hey Tea products remains within the value range of about 25 yuan, further improving The brand value of Hi Tea.

Product quality

On the other hand, customized home furnishing companies, the end market is going around, either Italian minimalist, French brand, or from Germany, domestic brands forcibly packaging become imported brands. Customization companies can't just focus on the superficial "glossy packaging", but forget the essence of the product. Even the best packaging can only catch consumers for a while. After consumers buy a product from living room furniture manufacturers, they tear off one side of these "packages" the first time, and what they really pay attention to is the product itself.

Product quality, measuring scale, design, installation, after-sales service, service experience, etc., these are the essence of the product, and appearance, quality, and service are the core ofusers' attention. Therefore, customized home furnishing companies and dining room furniture manufacturers can only gain a firm foothold under the ever-changing external conditions only if the quality of their products is guaranteed and the quality is excellent.