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Shipment of dining room furniture manufacturers in china
Author:Tangshifu Furniture| release time:2020-09-24

At the just-concluded CES (Consumer Electronics Show), the intelligent voice assistant became the protagonist on the booths of the two giants of Google and Amazon. The camera, thermometer, air conditioner and doorbell connected to the intelligent voice assistant occupied the most prominent position.

dining room furniture manufacturers in china

Amazon said that its voice assistant has been installed on more than 100 million devices; Google announced data that in 2018, including smartphones, smart watches, smart home devices, etc., the number of products with built-in Google voice assistant increased from 400 million Taiwan rose to 1 billion units.

In China, voice assistants are also the focus of the giants' smart home deployment. Baidu released DuerOS, a conversational artificial intelligence operating system, in July 2017, focusing on making machines with human language capabilities through automatic learning. Alibaba's smart speaker Tmall Genie can realize many functions including smart home control, voice shopping, mobile phone recharge, ordering food, and playing music.

The shipment

The shipment of Tmall Genie in the first three quarters of 2018 reached 6.15 million units. For Xiaomi, the intelligent voice assistant "Xiao Ai" is also connected to many smart home devices on the Xiaomi ecological chain, and the voice assistant is used on more than 100 million devices.

dining room furniture manufacturers in china

The giants' huge investment in smart voice assistants has made smart speakers the fastest growing category in smart homes. The above report shows that domestic smart speaker shipments reached 5.8 million units in the third quarter of 2018. From the first quarter of 2018, China has become the world's second largest smart speaker market after the United States.

The "prosperity" of intelligent voice assistants comes from the "evolution" of human-computer interaction. Mary Mikel, known as the "Queen of the Internet," once said: "Voice is being reshaped and has become a new paradigm of human-computer interaction. Human operations on machines range from physical handle buttons to physical keyboard and mouse to touch screens. Now voice has become an important way of interaction."

smart voice assistants

Because of this, smart voice assistants, or smart speakers equipped with smart voice assistants, are regarded by manufacturers as the “entry to connect smart home devices in series” by dining room furniture manufacturers in china ". According to the analysis of the report, manufacturers fighting for the dominant position in the smart speaker market are actually fighting for first-time buyers and consumers who have just started to build their own smart home equipment system. It is expected that by 2019, more than 80% of smart speakers can be controlled by smart speakers. For home appliances, the deployment rate of voice assistants in the smart home market in 2018 was 28%, and it is expected to reach 39% by 2019. In the future, more applications will be applied to smart sockets, smart cameras, and smart gateways.

If the value of the intelligent voice assistant as the "entry" lies in the "connection", then the intelligent security equipment represented by smart door locks and smart cameras as the "entry", its value lies in the "just need". The report data shows that the global smart security market will reach 47 billion US dollars in 2020. Three-fifths of American consumers buy smart home products and monitor their houses through smartphones.

lead investment

In the capital market, smart door lock companies are also popular. At the end of 2018, Baidu announced the lead investment in the D round of financing of the smart door lock company "Yunding Technology"; "Advantage Technology", which focuses on the field of smart door locks and security, received a 700 million yuan investment from Alibaba in January 2019. In this field, there are not only more than 10 startup companies, but also traditional security giants such as Haikang and Dahua who have quickly entered the field. According to data, there are currently more than 1,300 manufacturers in my country's smart door lock industry with nearly 2,800 brands.

The report predicts that with the gradual increase in the demand for home scene automation, the home environment, security and control equipment market will usher in a period of rapid growth, and the growth rate is expected to reach 60% in 2019. For users, products that are intelligent at a lower cost and can significantly improve the convenience of life due to high frequency of use are easier to stimulate their purchase needs. Therefore, from the perspective of manufacturers, the smart home market is a category that is easier to deploy. If the smart door lock can be effectively connected to other smart home devices, then smart door locks will also become an important entry for smart homes.

Manufacturers rely on these smart technologies dining room furniture manufacturers in china.