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Seven tips for placing bedroom furniture.
Author:Tangshifu Furniture| release time:2020-06-24

The placement of bedroom furniture is the final process of decoration and the top priority of the decoration style. No matter how small the room is, basic functional furniture is still needed, such as a wardrobe, bed, desk, chair, and locker. It is really not easy to lay out these bedroom furniture , but it cannot affect daily activities. Today I’m going to share some knowledge about furniture placement! let's figure it out together!

Let's first understand the layout of furniture:

Surrounding type. The furniture will be displayed along the four walls, and the bed will often be placed against the wall. This format is simple and bright, and the indoor activity area is large, which can reflect the friendly and pleasant atmosphere of life. This is more suitable for small rooms under 14 square meters.

Separated. That is, large rooms are separated by tall furniture such as combination cabinets. For example, an 18-square-meter room can be divided into two areas, the reception and the bedroom, so that the two functions are independent and keep in touch with each other.

Second, determine the specific location of the furniture in the room:It is necessary to consider the route of people's activities, as simple as possible, convenient, not too roundabout and tortuous.

There should be enough area around the furniture to ensure that people can easily use the furniture. Arranging the furniture too loosely and dividing the indoor area into one or more blocks not only looks messy, but also brings many inconveniences and difficulties to people's activities and use of furniture.

bedroom furniture

Pay attention to the relationship between furniture and doors, windows, walls, columns and other equipment. Whether by the window, against the wall, or concentrated in a corner, or arranged in the center of the room, they must be properly matched, so that furniture and furniture, furniture and indoor space form an organism.

Cleverly arrange the furniture of large-area rooms. Generally, for large rooms of more than 16 square meters, furniture can be placed according to the following principles:

Symmetrical pendulum method with bed as axis. Gives a balanced, stable and comfortable feeling.

According to different use requirements, divide the furniture into several groups for furnishings. It can give people a clear and organized feeling, and it is also very convenient to use.

Separate the room with large-volume furniture or screen partitions (such as combination furniture, screens, and siding) to form more than two living areas.

Cleverly arrange the furniture of single apartment. There are usually two types of furniture for a single room:

Symmetrical pendulum method. With the bed as the center, the head of the bed is against the wall, and a large cupboard and a chest of drawers are placed on the left and right sides of the bed; the dining table and writing desk are placed on the left and right sides of the bed. In this way, the left and right sides of the cabinet centered on the bed are symmetrical with the cabinet, and the table is symmetrical with the table. It looks spacious, neat and concise.

Grouped pendulum method. According to different use requirements, the furniture is divided into several groups for decoration. The bed head and one side of the bed are close to the wall, and the bed side cabinet is arranged side by side with the bed head as a sleeping and sleeping furniture group; a dining table is placed in the middle, and a chair is placed on each side of the table as a guest and dining furniture group. This arrangement is clear and easy to use.

Cleverly arrange furniture for multiple bedrooms.

Many bedrooms are divided into bedrooms and reception rooms (dining rooms) according to the needs of life. The reception room is furnished with bookcases, writing desks, dining rooms, chairs, sofas, coffee tables, etc. The bedroom is divided by family members, with a main room and a secondary room. The main room is well furnished with complete sets of furniture, and the second room is generally used as the children's bedroom. According to the children's living and learning needs, some neat and simple furniture is furnished.

Place the sofa in the living room skillfully.

The sofa is used for daily sit-ups and meeting guests. Single sofas are generally used in pairs, with a small coffee table in the middle for smoking cups. Place a rectangular coffee table in front of the double or triple sofa. The sofa should be placed near the window or under the lighting fixture, so that the whole room from the position of the sofa feels bright. At the same time, since there are the most opportunities to view the entire room from the position of the sofa, special attention should be paid to the aesthetics of the layout, so that the side of the furniture or the edge of the bed is not facing the sofa.