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The world famous recliner sofa manufacturers
Author:Tangshifu Furniture| release time:2020-10-21

With the rapid development of modern society and economy, people's awareness and acceptance of luxury goods are also getting higher and higher. The recliner sofa manufacturers always struggle to develop new sofas.
In the course of their development, many luxury brands will also open up many new areas and create more brand value. The cross-border home furnishing industry of luxury brands is not just a playful attitude, but also a way of life and thinking.


Fendi Casa
In 1984, Fendi created a new product line-Fendi Casa. Adhering to Fendi's consistent personality, luxury, and elegant design style, Fendi Casa has been recognized by the fashion industry and the home industry in a short period of time. In the next few years, Fendi opened home furnishing stores in Rome, Milan, Paris, Tokyo, Hong Kong and other fashionable cities, leading the trend of world home furnishing products.

Armani Casa
As an extension of fashion, Armani launched the home series Armani Casa in 2000, including furniture, tableware, lighting, and accessories. Different from the traditional furniture and furnishing industry, Armani Casa manages and sells in a fashionable way, launching new products every year in spring and summer and autumn and winter.

Versace Home
In early 1992, Versace founded the Versace Home collection. At the beginning of its establishment, the Home furnishing series only included home textiles, and then cooperated with the famous German porcelain brand Rosenthal on the famous porcelain tableware series: Medusa, Meandre, Baroque, Sun King and Le Jardin deVersace.
Each series launched after 1992 has its own new themes, these themes are related to a certain decorative symbol, such as Medusa or neo-classical Greek key patterns, these have now become Versace logo symbols.

In addition

In addition to the above brands, luxury brands such as LV, GUCCI, Hermès, Loewe, Tiffany, Cartier have also begun to cross-border the home furnishing industry and penetrate the brand into all aspects of life.
Fast fashion and apparel brands are also coming to blend
As early as 2003, the fast-fashion brand ZARA took advantage of the shareholder style of cross-border home furnishings. The brand’s Inditex Group launched the ZARA Home home furnishing product line, providing home accessories such as bedding, tableware and bathroom fabrics, aiming to lower Price helps consumers realize their dream of creating a "beautiful home".

Although ZARA Home also provides affordable design, continuing the main brand's rapid shipping and frequent new features, but the style of the home line appears more refined and advanced.
Compared with ZARA's early efforts to cultivate the Home series, it was not until 2009 that H&M launched the H&M Home series, and did not develop independent stores on a large scale, but more in the form of shop-in-shop, allowing people to watch while shopping for clothing. Look at the tableware and sheets.
After 2011, many domestic clothing brands have also begun to enter the home furnishing market, such as MJstyle, La Chapelle, Peacebird Nest under Peacebird……

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