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Key to good business for bedroom furniture manufacturers in china
Author:Tangshifu Furniture| release time:2020-09-25

How to sell is the key to good business in the store.

Recently, a home furnishing dealer talked to the author about how to sell things in the terminal market. Nowadays, in the front line of the home building materials market, various categories, brands, stores, and stores will sell through promotion and activities, and even to the point where they cannot be sold without activities. So, what is the most effective when doing store activities?

Enter the store

Through understanding with many bedroom furniture manufacturers in china, and actually visiting the market, I found that in today’s home furnishing market, if you want to enter the store and sell goods, you will accurately grasp the consumer’s Psychology for design activities. And many home furnishing dealers reported that after years of summary, the consumer's psychology is that I took advantage of it and I bought it.

Taking advantage and buying cheap does not necessarily mean that consumers have bought low-priced products, but that consumers’ bids meet their psychological expectations and are in line with their purchasing power. In a word, they buy “value for money”. The seemingly simple four words, how to make consumers feel this way, but there are many ways. Not only does it allow distributors to sell products and make money, but also to make consumers feel that they are worth buying, which requires long-term accumulation of experience and practice.Consumers are best to follow the guide for buying furniture when choosing bedroom furniture.

Home furnishing dealers

Some home furnishing dealers told Jianxiang Home that after years of observation, the daily business maintenance of home furnishing stores has many skills and methods in attracting renovation owners to enter the store or make a deal. Because home building materials are durable products, they basically don’t know about them when they are not decorating. There is a lack of knowledge about home building materials products with a wide range of names. When they come to home building materials stores, they often learn first. According to the dealer's summary, in order to attract and retain consumers, various stores often offer small gifts when entering the store and large gifts when the transaction is completed, supplemented by discounts and promotions for sales.

For small gifts entering the store, general stores will choose cups, umbrellas, keychains, foot pads and other low-value, easy-to-carry gifts with basic information such as brand LOGO and store address; the gifts sold are often all kinds of electrical appliances. Main, such as rice cooker, induction cooker, washing machine, TV, refrigerator, etc. In addition, some stores often offer special promotions in the form of a product package, such as cabinets, kitchen appliances, countertops, and bathroom cabinets, showers, and toilets as packages. These packages combine several products to sell. , It will definitely be cheaper than buying a single product, which is not small for consumers. After all, consumers of these products are decoration necessities.

bedroom furniture manufacturers in china

Home furnishing dealers

In addition to packages, home building materials distributors also prefer to sell products in the form of free delivery. For example, paint dealers will buy top coat to get primer, bathroom dealers will buy bathroom cabinets to get basin faucets, and floor dealers will buy floor to get foot cords, etc. These free forms are more acceptable to consumers. Obtaining something that you would otherwise need to spend money to buy without spending money will undoubtedly increase your desire to buy, and it will also increase the chance of a deal for distributors of home building materials.

Of course, for bedroom furniture manufacturers in china, while capturing the consumer’s desire to be free and affordable, they also need to calculate their own costs and give them all for consumption. The benefits of the readers can be within their own tolerance. After all, blindly low prices and inability to make money will have no basis for providing good services and lack of sustained profitability. In doing such promotional activities, dealers should also avoid giving consumers fake products, such as increasing the brand price and discounting, giving customers gifts that do not match the nominal value, and taking defective products as gifts. This can only arouse consumer disgust. Now that the information is so transparent, it is only self-defeating to play with consumers.

The existence of free gifts, discount promotions, package promotions, and deals to give gifts, these diversified marketing forms have brought prosperity to the home building materials market. And behind these promotional activities, what accurately grasps is the consumer's desire to buy cost-effective products and worry-free and perfect services. Only by grasping these psychology of customers, the home building materials business can do better and better.