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Entire home furnishing industry of bedroom furniture manufacturers in china
Author:Tangshifu Furniture| release time:2020-09-21

The entire Chinese home furnishing industry chain has undergone profound changes in recent years. This change has even caused panic in major stores about reforms. However, as long as a careful analysis, the facts of the changes in the past few years have also proved that the foundation and basics of the home furnishing industry The pattern has not undergone fundamental changes.

Continued existence

The continued existence of these fundamental elements of bedroom furniture manufacturers in china is the cornerstone for judging the development and transformation of the entire home furnishing industry. These basic elements include:

The first element is the existence of demand. As food, clothing, housing and transportation, household building materials are closely connected with real estate. These requirements have not changed with changes in technology.

What has changed is only the changes in technology's requirements for new product development, product quality, production efficiency, experience, and cost. Unlike some industries, which are completely product-based replacements. For example, with cars, there will be fewer carriages or even nothing. With mobile phones, the market for pagers is gone. This kind of technological product is completely subverting. Sexual substitution effect. But the residential industry is different. Whether it is the development of the foreign market for hundreds of years or the development of the domestic market for decades, household building materials products are just needed by users.

Second element

The second element is the industry, including users' needs for retail platforms. Home furnishing chain stores were once an important promoter of China's home furnishing retail revolution, and it was also synonymous with efficiency and experience. It is precisely because of the existence and development of Chinese chain stores that many home furnishing brands have been able to rapidly expand across the country. It is hard to imagine that without the existence of stores like Red Star Macalline, Chinese home furnishing brands can quickly expand nationwide, at least at the cost of expansion.

It's not the same as speed. However, the number of Red Star Macalline stores is still not enough compared with the national market. On the one hand, we are talking about surplus stores, but on the other hand, it also reflects the shortage of home chain stores. Some local stores are still scattered and low-level. , Management efficiency and experience are not enough, which shows that chain stores have huge room for expansion. Judging from the current expansion trend, the large chain stores Red Star Macalline and Jiaran Zhijia undoubtedly have the opportunity to expand.

Third element

The third element is the evolution of the home furnishing store itself and the evolution of the online platform itself. As a result, there is a balance between online and offline "experience complementary and efficiency convergence". In the past, online and offline were opposed, offensive and defensive. As a result, Jack Ma called out new retail in 2016, re-emphasizing offline, and said he would not mention e-commerce in the future, it was new retail. Paying attention to offline is the result of Ali's evolution, and it is also a behavior of making up lessons for bedroom furniture manufacturers in china.

The past technology and these online platforms have indeed played a very good role in promoting the evolution of stores, and the evolution of offline has also prompted online companies to re-examine offline. Today, as an online Ali, it is a direct strategic investment in Red Star Macalline and Jiaran Zhijia. The industry leader and second child have formed cooperation from the capital level. The two sides have directly turned their potential opponents into comrades in arms.