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Development of traditional industries and innovation
Author:Tangshifu Furniture| release time:2020-08-19

The home furnishing industry has seen a clear downward trend year-on-year, and the market environment is falling into fierce competition. In sharp contrast to this, the growth rate of software home furnishings, especially functional home furnishings, has shown contrarian growth. In fact, not only this year, but the continuous rise in market popularity in recent years has made many people look at the category of functional home furnishings. Some living room furniture manufacturers in china have launched their own functional home furnishing products. Suddenly, functional home furnishings suddenly became the next magic weapon for major brands to seek new growth points.

However, can we think that functional homes will become the next outlet? Due to the different strengths of brands, uneven product quality will quickly shake the trust of consumers. The long-term function of home furnishings lies in product strength. On the basis of product strength, the differentiated marketing of the brand is possible to gain recognition in today's increasingly demanding consumer demand.


Among them, product power is related to brand strength and investment in product research and development. At the same time, even with product strength, doing a good job in differentiated marketing itself is not an easy task. Let us take a look at how the functional sofa brand, which is known for its professionalism and innovation in the field of functional home furnishing, can create a successful IP for differentiated marketing with a "lazy" word.

As the manufacturing industry goes up, speeding up the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries is an important and urgent task. First of all, traditional industries account for 80% of the added value of industries above designated size and are still the mainstay of the industrial economy.

The transformation and upgrading of traditional industries is related to the overall promotion of the high-quality development of manufacturing. Secondly, traditional industries such as textiles, clothing, and home furnishing are related to the national economy and people's livelihood. They are important industries that stabilize employment and foreign trade, and are also an important source of new kinetic energy. For example, many strategic emerging industries, such as new energy vehicles and new materials, all come from the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries.

Manufacturing industry

The living room furniture manufacturers in china must attach great importance to promoting the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries, especially in the current situation of major changes in China’s external environment, increasing risks and challenges, and increasing downward pressure on the economy to accelerate the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries Maintaining the stable and healthy development of traditional industries is very important for stabilizing industrial fundamentals, promoting the upgrading of the manufacturing industry chain, and promoting economic recovery.

Zhou Ji said that cultivating new kinetic energy and promoting the high-quality development of manufacturing mainly focuses on two aspects: on the one hand, cultivating and developing strategic emerging industries, on the other hand, focusing on the transformation and upgrading of traditional manufacturing.

"We must adhere to both the cultivation and development of emerging industries and the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries, and the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries as an important support to promote the high-quality development of the manufacturing industry, firmly in our hands." Miao Wei emphasized.

Manufacturing industry unswervingly promotes the strategy of manufacturing a strong country, and supports the prosperity and strength of the country with the prosperity and strength of the manufacturing industry. I believe that after 30 years of struggle, my country will become the world's leading manufacturing power. At present, the connotation of manufacturing innovation includes four levels: one is product innovation, the other is production technology innovation, the third is industrial model innovation, and the fourth is manufacturing system integration innovation.

Intelligent services

"On the four levels, digitization, networking, and intelligence are the main approaches for manufacturing innovation."

living room furniture manufacturers in china

At present, intelligent manufacturing has become the main battlefield for the high-quality development of manufacturing. First, in the era of digitalization and intelligence, we must establish a product, manufacturing, user, and ecological concept that keeps pace with the times; second, the carrier of high-quality development in manufacturing is the manufacturing link, which inherits R&D and starts services , Is the "main battlefield" that determines the production efficiency and product quality of enterprises; the third is to forcibly complement the "shortcomings" of life cycle services, quickly build digital products. The dining room furniture manufacturers comprehensively improve the level of intelligent services.


In response to the countermeasures for the optimization and upgrading of the traditional manufacturing industry, dining room furniture manufacturers suggest that one is to build consensus, raise awareness, and strengthen the determination and confidence to build a strong manufacturing country.

the other is to launch a new round of large-scale technology Transformation to realize the innovation and upgrading of the entire manufacturing industry; third, adhere to the enterprise as the main body and market-oriented, mobilize all resources of the whole society, and carry out collaborative innovation combining "utilization, production, learning, research, finance, and politics"; It is to strengthen the research and development and application of equipment and industrial software, to serve the upgrading of traditional industries, and to build an independent and controllable industrial chain; the fifth is to strengthen the technological innovation of traditional manufacturing, and solidly promote the optimization and upgrading of traditional manufacturing industry by industry.